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Don’t put off having your heating repaired or replaced until you need it the most! With 75 Degree AC, you can stay warm and cozy whenever the weather calls for it.

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Heating Services

Heating Services for Your TX Home or Business

When the temperature dips below what we’re used to here in Houston, access to efficient heating is imperative. For dependable, affordable, and warranty-covered services, choose 75 Degree AC! Our team of experienced HVAC technicians is trained and certified to identify and solve any furnace or heat pump issues you’re experiencing.

Our Process

Throughout our initial inspection process, we’ll determine the root of the problem with your heating system and offer recommended solutions that accommodate your needs and budget. An experienced technician will thoroughly examine your equipment, looking for common issues like ignition or pilot control malfunction, dirty air filters, excessive noise, thermostat failure, cracked heat exchanger, and damaged blower belts that require repair or replacement services.

Repair, Installation, & Maintenance Services

Dependable heater repair requires vast experience and knowledge to know what to look out for and understand what resources and equipment are needed to take care of the issue. Contact us for heating repair, replacement, and maintenance services when you can’t afford to stay cold!

Furnace Repair

Pilot light ignition issues, failing motors, or blower and burner malfunction are common furnace complications that require immediate furnace repair assistance. Our skilled technicians are experts at troubleshooting your furnace and providing any necessary repair or replacement services in the event of significant or irreversible damage.

Furnace Installation

When significant repair work can’t even resurrect your furnace, it’s time to consider a full-on replacement. We offer affordable furnace installation solutions to help get your new furnace up and running in no time while operating at peak performance for many winters to come.

Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps are energy-efficient and cost-effective heating solutions compared to furnaces. Our heat pump repair assistance will provide you with fast and effective restorative options to help keep your heat pump running all winter long.

Heat Pump Installation

Whether you’re looking for fuel-less air source heat pumps or eco-friendly geothermal heat pumps, our HVAC installation experts have the experience and equipment necessary to install a wide variety of heat pump options that will adhere to your heating needs.

No matter what heating complications you’re experiencing, 75 Degree AC is committed to providing 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all HVAC services. Be sure to read our reviews to see how dedicated we really are to your comfort!

Keep Your Home Warm & Cozy With 75 Degree AC

Don’t wait until the last minute to seek out the heating solutions you need when unexpected cold weather signals another Houston winter. Contact 75 Degree AC online today to get a head start on all your heating service necessities, or give us a call now at 713-598-2737 to schedule an appointment today.