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Ultra-Modern Heating Solutions in Texas

Like Summers, Winters are harsh in Texas. If you are a resident of Texas, you better know that fluffy jackets and blankets are usually not enough to protect yourself from cold wind and weather in this state.

You need an up-to-date heating solution to ensure you have warm nights at your home. And when it comes to commercial settings, an ultra-modern heating unit would be the perfect option to keep your employees warm and focused.

Thousands of heating solutions are out there in Texas then why you should opt for 75 Degree AC. Reasons are many but what makes us stand out from the majority of Housten and Texas HVAC solutions include our commitment to our clients, ultra-modern solutions, most reasonable costs, highly qualified and trained technicians, assurance of quality, guaranteed satisfaction, long-lasting solutions, transparency, and reliability. And for this, we have been on the top of the priority list of people of the entire region of Texas.

We are prepared to meet your requirements and expectations, no matter how complex, challenging, or luxurious they are. For more than one decade, we have been providing the most competent heating solutions for both residential and commercial purposes in Texas and what makes us proud is that we have been successful in satisfying all of our customers.

Our first and foremost goal is to ensure that each of our clients is completely pleased and satisfied with our competent services.

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Customer Experience

Customer Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority

I have had the pleasure of hiring Kenny and his small business twice now, and I would hire him again for any AC/Heat service. He replaced the duct work in our home’s attic and he has made service repairs/upgrades to our AC/Heating units. The work is done professionally and the pricing is fantastic. I highly recommend their work!

Mars The Meek

So thankful for 75 Degree AC Repair! When our AC stopped working on a weekend, they answered immediately and were out to our home in no time. They were knowledgeable, kind, and quick at getting our home back up and running.

Lauren Moreno

Kenny and his team were very quick to respond when our AC went out in this heat wave. They were very professional and nice, and just good people I’d recommend you call 75 Degree AC before any of the big brand businesses. I’m very happy with their work!

Kristina Hanson

I really like Kenny. After I moved from Miami to Houston on Friday I called him on a Saturday night at 6 pm. I happened to blow the fuses of my both Ac units when I created a problem while installing my new Google Nest. I called him in a hurry and he said to be there as soon as possible. He is a great and nice professional person. He clearly has a knowledge of the issue even when on the call. He swiftly called the solution for my problems, corrected and turned on both the units, and even assisted me with the Google Nest installation. Along with this, he bothered soo much to use his truck bed as the ladder as my 2nd unit was located above the garage in the attic.

McKhayla Pettingill
Air Purification

Kenny is amazing! I called him at 6pm-ish on a Saturday night (after moving from Miami to Houston on Friday). I messed up installing my new Google Nest thermostats and blew the fuses on both of my AC units. I called Kenny desperately to ask questions and he said he could be out to me in less than an hour. He is so nice, so professional, and knew exactly what the issue was - even over the phone with my not-so-knowledgeable clues. He quickly solved my issues, made sure both units turned back on, and helped me finish installation of the Nests. Bonus points for him using his truck bed as a ladder because my 2nd unit was located in the attic above the garage and a 6-8ft ladder did not make it in the UHaul during the move. Thank you, Kenny! If you need any HVAC issues repaired, he’s your guy! Definitely saving his info and he’s stuck with me now.

Ashley Glen

Our Innovative Solution

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Need Emergency Air Condition Services? Dial 713-598-2737

We at 75Degree AC are always on our toes to back you with our team during those unexpected emergencies. Just by calling us, our service contractors will come in no time. Feel free to contact us anytime because we love our job.

Heating Solutions That Keeps You Warm and in Your Own Comfort

Agoura Hills, CA Whole House Repiping (PEX And Copper)

Faulty heating units can cause leakage of harmful gases and that’s obviously not good for your health. You may also experience a burning smell and strange noises if your furnaces are not functioning well. At 75 Degree AC, a broad range of the most cutting-edge heating solutions are available that promise to keep you warm and in your comfort zone throughout the winter season. You can avail of our quality services at the most reasonable prices.

Our ultra-modern heating solutions include:

Installation of Heating Unit
Want to install a new heating unit or upgrade the old ones with the latest-technology based furnaces for the upcoming winter season, we are here to assist you with this. We provide professional installation services for heating units in Texas. Do not worry about the expenses, because at which cost we offer our heating solutions, can’t be matched by others.
Quality repairing services for furnaces and other heating equipment are served by our highly experienced technicians. Whether your heating system is producing strange noises, causing a burning smell, or leaking dangerous gases, we have the best solutions to fix these common heating problems.
Replacing or Upgrading Heating Unit
Faulty heating units can be repaired, but sometimes you need to replace or upgrade them to improve the quality of function. If you ever realize the need for replacement of your furnaces, give us a call immediately. We will provide you with an instant solution.
Maintenance of Heating Unit
To ensure your heating system lasts a long and keeps functioning at its best, you need to take care of its routine maintenance. Our custom-planned maintenance services for heating units are perfect to keep your heating system healthy.

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