What to Look for when you need HVAC Services?

When your heating or air conditioning goes out, we don’t have much time to do research on contractors. We’re often too hurried to find out what factors we should use to determine which HVAC contractor to hire for your HVAC Services. Here are the things you should look for in an HVAC contractor.

Service Level

HVAC repair firms know that your air conditioner or heater can go out at any time. This is why they work evenings and weekends. However, relatively few HVAC contractors offer true 24 hour AC repair…


You can’t afford to hire an HVAC contractor who isn’t licensed. HVAC contractors must have several years of experience before they can earn their license. They must have bonding and insurance to secure a license …


You want to know that HVAC contractors and their technicians are experienced. You don’t want them to put your expensive HVAC equipment at risk by learning the trade experimenting on it …

Asking for references is only the first step in the process of vetting the HVAC contractor’s background. The next step is actually calling their references and asking questions. Were the homeowners or businesses happy with the contractor’s work? Did the contractors show up on time? Did they finish the work in a timely manner? Conversely, did they make the homeowner wait for days without AC until parts arrived? It can be hard to take the time to do this when you’re sitting in a hot house yourself. Does the contractor provide written, itemized estimates? If so, how accurate were their estimates? Avoid contractors who end up charging their clients much more than initially expected.
At a minimum, check their rating with the Better Business Bureau. If there are serious complaints against them, don’t hire them yourself. However, the lack of complaints does not mean your work is done. Find out how long the business has been open. An HVAC firm that has only been registered with the BBB for a few months may not have been around long enough for unhappy customers to file complaints. A major red flag is if the BBB says they’ve been open for a few months but the contractor says they’ve been around for years. If the contractor does business under several different names at the same time, don’t use them because they’re doing this to try to escape their bad reputation. On the flipside, 75 Degree AC has serving Houston for several years.
Online reviews are a mixed bag. Small businesses may not have very many online reviews. Positive reviews may be scattered across myriad business directories. Read as many reviews as you can so that you can find out what the business is like. Take the time to read the bad reviews. Relatively good bad reviews are waiting a day for parts during a heat wave or someone having to come back the next day with the right tools. The bad reviews that should disqualify the HVAC contractor include blatant overbilling, making you wait a week before they return, showing up hours past the scheduled time and pushing people to buy new units instead of repairing the broken AC.
75 Degree AC

We put pricing this far down the list because you cannot afford to go with the lowest bidder who does shoddy work. You don’t want to have to pay for someone else to fix the error messages they failed to resolve. You can’t afford to pay someone who replaces three sensors because they don’t know what is wrong or don’t care to troubleshoot it in detail.

Take the time to get quotes from several HVAC contractors before you hire someone. This gives you an idea of what the job should cost as well as a few potential explanations for the HVAC problems. If one contractor comes in well below the others, drop them from your list. You don’t know if they’re going to use second hand parts without your permission or quick fixes that don’t resolve the root cause. Be wary of free estimates and very low fees to show up, because they still have to make their payroll. You may get a cheap repair that lasts a few weeks, because they know they’ll have to come out again soon. At that point, the odds are they’ll push you to buy a new air conditioner. Nor do you want someone whose low, low price results in sky-high electric bills because they put in energy inefficient HVAC equipment.

Another reason the price shouldn’t be the biggest factor is that it is negotiable. Find out if there are special offers on heating and cooling systems if you’re considering having a new AC installed. Ask if you can get a discount on an annual service agreement if they perform repairs or install new equipment.

Use the right factors to get HVAC contractors so that you find a contractor who fix the heater or AC right the first time, and they do so without leaving you fuming at the final bill.


Kenny has done 3 jobs at our house and would recommend to anyone. The first job he did was replacing a whole new AC unit which cools our 2nd floor. We moved to Texas a few years ago and didn’t know who was reputable and who wasn’t. We took a chance, but Kenny assured us warranty on labor and parts and after some research, turned out to be a good deal. We haven’t had any issues at all since having it installed.. so when our other AC stopped working last year, we had to save money to get the job done again. This time Kenny gave us a better deal which saved us money, but also replacing the whole AC and furnace as well. Without going into much details, would definitely recommend and use his service again. He even offered us a payment plan when our budget was limited. Excellent service. Highly recommended.

Robert H
4 Weeks Ago

If I could give this company more than 5 stars, I definitely would. I have 2 ACs in my home that were more than 15 years old. Last year I decided to change them, one after the other. I had called a few places until I came across 75 Degree AC. When Kenny came out to look at the units, I felt very comfortable that he knew what he was doing and had confidence in his work. So he changed the one AC and everything went very smoothly. His team showed up on time, were very clean about their work, and were very efficient. So when it came time to change my second AC this year, without hesitating I contacted Kenny again. Again, his team was on time, and everything went smoothly as I had no doubt it would. I highly recommend this company to anyone who needs any AC -heating repair work or replacement without any hesitation!

John H.
6 Weeks Ago

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