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    HVAC Issues That You Can Address Us

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    Unusual Noises from AC or Furnace

    Unusual noises coming out from your attic AC or heater in the furnace are signs that they may have any mechanical issues. So need to have a maintenance plan in order to retain your peaceful environment. Get attic insulation and repair your heating system and Houston AC soon. You might have a need for a complete replacement too. We offer quality service for your new AC system or if you need routine maintenance to make your place free from any unusual noise.

    ac duct replacement

    Smell Coming Out From AC

    Dirty ducts and filters can cause strange smells in the air within your home or office. This smell might make it difficult for you to work or live. When you notice that, you need to go for a solution. Consider our high-quality Houston HVAC services that can help you make effective heating and cooling and avoid that unbearable smell once and for all. We take care to make your place more comfortable and livable for you.

    ac duct replacement

    AC Leaking Water

    Faulty installation and clogged drain lines can cause water leakage from your air handler. This can cause an irritating mess in your house. When noticed, get it repaired as soon as possible. We are professionals who know how to make it work and let you avoid this unnecessary water coming out.

    ac duct replacement

    AC Isn't Cooling

    AC isn't blowing cold air? Dirty or clogged air filters, insufficient coolant, and dirty coils could be the reason for the fault in central air conditioning. Get it checked and repaired or you might need Houston's air conditioning replacement that can help you save yourself during summers. Stay aware of your AC needs so you may not get burnt in summer.

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    24/7 Emergency Service

    We, HVAC technicians, are completely in touch with our clients for emergency repairs or air filtration. We understand how precious your time is so we value it and offer our a/c and heating-related services in the greater Houston area such as Houston HVAC repair or last-hour air conditioning repair for your HVAC units even for minor repairs whenever you need them to make your home comfortable.

    free estimates

    Free Estimates

    Schedule a free estimate of your home’s AC Solution for regular maintenance to increase its lifespan or if you notice any of these signs such as leaks, cracks, and hidden issues, or even for ac replacement, it's time to get your HVAC system checked. We are an Ac repair company for the HVAC needs with many more for Houston residents offering AC services in Houston. We can assist you with the services, whether you need installation, tune-up or repair, emergency AC repair, or even simple air conditioner service.

    secured service

    Bonded, Insured, certified

    We are a company of Licensed, bonded, insured dealers who offer air conditioning maintenance and air conditioning repair services to secure you from hidden costs and damages. We are there, for the tune-ups for the thermostat or for your repair needs, offering our 24-hour AC repair services in Houston.

    AC Repair in Houston, TX

    To get in touch with us for our Houston air condition repair and replacement services, fill out our contact form below. or call our team at 713.598.2737 today!

      Air Conditioning Repair & Installation in Houston

      in Houston From 10+ Years

      It has been more than 10 years since we entered the HVAC industry as an HVAC company and since then we are committed to delivering world-class Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Services with some discount coupons too for your air conditioner and air conditioner system in Houston and nearby regions. We have provided our air conditioner-related services in Houston to thousands of people and have done right with satisfaction guarantees in the Houston area since then, to make every customer fully satisfied with the way we delivered top-quality air conditioner and heating solutions expertly to them every single time.

      Over the years, with our commitment, dedication towards the work, 24 hours effort, and great financing options we have built a good reputation and trust among the customers and that’s why 75 Degree AC is the go-to pick for Houston people when it comes to obtaining AC maintenance, AC services, or issues while AC condensate. We got you covered with our expert services for your evaporator or heat pump.

      Our team includes qualified, skilled, and well-trained professional contractors who all are sound in the latest HVAC technologies. They have the ability to fix any complex glitches and issues in your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Whether it’s water leakage from Air conditioners, dirty air ducts, noisy furnaces, or whether it has stopped working you can rely on our professionals to fix these frustrating HVAC problems. The team works with full dedication considering it their own task, so people never got any fault in the work we have done. Apart from this, you need not worry about your privacy we understand its importance and we take care of that and ensure you remain in comfort while we are at work at your home or office. So, you need not worry about that and just enjoy our services.

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