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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Texas

The air you breathe in your home or office should not include any contaminants and must be free of impurities. But it is unfortunate that we found the majority of homes and offices in Texas and nearby regions have worse air quality than outdoors. There is a problem with the quality of the air in your indoors if some of your family members or colleagues have persistent allergic reactions whenever they are present indoors. Those with preexisting health issues, including small children, the elderly, and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of prolonged exposure to dirty air.

Working with people that specialize in indoor air quality solutions can assist enhance the quality of the air at your home or office. At 75 Degree AC, our well-trained and experienced technicians utilize the most advanced mechanical ventilation system, which may include house ventilators, attic fans, and window fans, to improve the amount of fresh air that is present indoors. In addition, our technicians use a whole-house dehumidifier in conjunction with your heating and air conditioning unit. It helps in removing the excess humidity that contributes to the growth of indoor pollutants. In order to disinfect the air indoors, we also utilize a UV light system. High-efficiency air filters are also utilized in order to eliminate or significantly cut down on irritants such as pollen, bacteria, spores, and mold.

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    Services and Benefits

    A whole spectrum of cutting-edge indoor air quality solutions is available at 75 Degree AC for both homeowners and office owners. You can avail of that by just giving us a phone call or sending us an email. Our ultra-modern indoor air quality services include:

    Air Purification

    Air Filtration

    Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

    Air Ventilation


    If you opt for our professional indoor air quality services, you can notice a significant difference in the quality of air in your home or office. You will feel that freshness and comfort that you were missing earlier. Our technicians will first detect the root cause of the poor quality air in your home and then provide you with unparalleled air purification, ventilation, and filtration solutions. 

    Some of the most significant benefits that you can obtain with our air quality services include:

    Easier Breathing

    Air Filtration

    Reduced Energy Costs

    24/7 Freshness

    Better Sleep

    Balanced Humidity

    No Health Risks Caused by Poor Air Quality

    Our Innovative Solution

    Water Heaters

    Drain Cleaning

    Re-Pipe Specialists

    Sewer Inspection

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