Air Conditioner Leakage

My Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water: Why It’s Leaking and What to Do?

Sometimes the overtime is equally exhausting to the machines just like humans. You must be using your AC a lot in the summer season but recently you might have landed up in a problem that is leakage of your AC unit. The latest topic for your discussion must be revolving around one point My AC is leaking water why it’s leaking and what to do about it.

There can be various reasons why the air conditioner is leaking water let’s look into it in this quick read.

Why Is My AC Leaking Water?

Before answering this question let’s first understand how your AC’s mechanism works on delivering cool breezes to you.

As you already know that the AC has two units nowadays one is indoor and the other one is outdoor. We will talk about the indoor one here.

The indoor unit of AC has an evaporator coil and that’s the main player in the game of cooling. The short and warm air come in contact with this evaporator coil at first and the evaporator coil forms water out of it and this water is drained in line very meticulously and unnoticed in your HVAC sets.

Reasons behind AC Leakage

 The most probable reasons behind the AC leakage could be:

Cluttered Drain Line

Alright so now that you know that drainage is the most stealthily performed job in your AC but sometimes it comes to an open front.  This mishap could happen when the condensate pipe or the drainage line holds the debris, dust, and mold in the line. Anything posing an obstruction to the drainage might lead to the backflow of the water in your home instead of chucking it away.

AC Cluttered Drain Line

Mud-Caked Filter

There are filters in your AC to keep your air always pure and fresh but don’t you know everything that the filter that cleans needs to be cleaned too? Regularly tidying up these filters from a commercial HVAC services provider is a treatment for your HVAC set. When you ignore the filter cleaning for longer the same muddy dirty filter will act as a precursor for the HVAC leaking water.

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AC Mud-Caked Filter

Low On Refrigerant

When your AC is having low levels of refrigerant, itmay lead to the leaking of your AC unit. This reduces the pressure in your AC and canlead to the formation of ice on the drain line whose melting can lead to leakage.

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AC refrigerant low levels

A quick tip: To find out the AC refrigerant low levels you can look for the hissing or the bubbling sound. If you are running low on gas getting it refilled will instantly solve the problem of leakage.

Too Old To Act Cool For You

We mean the AC is not made to last forever therefore if the AC is old enough and is used for 10-12 years already it could be a reason for the leakage in your AC.

Leakage in Air Conditioner

Sometimes the condensate pipe is broken, and the broken pump can also be a reason behind the leakage.

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