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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning & Heating Repair, Maintenance And Installation In Houston

Air Conditioning & Heating Repair, Maintenance And Installation In Houston

Air Conditioning [Installation, Repair, Maintenance] Houston

Air conditioning, a pivotal innovation in contemporary residing, offers consolation in warm climates and guarantees a solid indoor environment. This generation now not only cools but also improves air fine. Its massive use in homes, places of work, and cars underscore its importance in everyday lifestyles.

How it is Useful

We rigorously test and troubleshoot electrical systems of all sizes, prioritizing safety and smooth equipment operation, in line with our core business goals.

Temperature Regulation

Air conditioners extract heat from indoor air, using a refrigerant to chill the air before recirculating it back into the room.

Humidity Control

They reduce humidity stages, enhancing consolation and preventing mold growth.

hermostat Integration

A thermostat controls the gadget, preserving the desired temperature the user sets.

Heat Exchange

The extracted heat is expelled from doors, commonly through an out-of-doors unit.

Our Services

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AC Repair

Our group is professional in pinpointing and solving any problems with your AC, ensuring it operates smoothly. We take care of many problems, from the simple to the complicated, to get your AC up and walking successfully in no time.

Indoor Air Quality

Improve your home’s air quality with our advanced solutions. Our air quality services include air purifiers and filters to reduce allergens and pollutants, ensuring a healthier environment for you and your family.

Regular Maintenance

Preventative maintenance to extend the life of your AC unit. Regular maintenance prevents future breakdowns and keeps your AC running more efficiently, saving you money on energy bills.

AC Installation

Get top-tier AC installation with our experienced technicians. We ensure your air conditioner is installed correctly for optimal performance and energy efficiency, suited to your local climate conditions.

AC Tune-Up

Maximize the efficiency and extend the life of your AC with our thorough tune-up services. We conduct detailed inspections, cleaning, and necessary adjustments to keep your unit in excellent condition.

Ductless AC

Specializing in ductless AC systems, we provide sleek, efficient solutions for spaces where traditional ducted systems might not be feasible. Perfect for room additions or specific cooling needs.

AC Replacement

When it’s time for an upgrade, rely on us for professional AC replacement services. We help you choose and install the perfect new system that meets your cooling needs and energy efficiency goals.

Air Duct

Our air duct services ensure your HVAC system’s efficiency and your home’s air quality. From duct cleaning to repair, we handle it all to optimize airflow and energy use.


Upgrade your home’s comfort with our advanced thermostat solutions. From programmable to smart thermostats, we offer options that enhance control over your HVAC system.

What People Say About Us?

Gwenette VelezGwenette Velez
20:32 20 Nov 23
Needed a new AC installed, and the company I hired was professional and efficient. The installation was done with precision, and I now have a reliable cooling system. Recommend for AC installations!
Akayla BroussardAkayla Broussard
17:05 01 Nov 23
Kenny was nothing short of professional. He actually came out to my home right away, which was greatly appreciated as I didn’t have to rearrange my schedule to accommodate a later appointment. He was able to restore heat to my home efficiently and quickly while also providing tips on how to preserve the longevity of my A/C unit. 100% satisfied!
Michael ThornMichael Thorn
11:52 20 Sep 23
Kenny and his team did great work replacing an evaporator coil on my A/C. They were timely, professional and completed the job with quality. The price for the work was reasonable as well. I would use their services again.
Stefan CeulemansStefan Ceulemans
00:35 16 Sep 23
Between noticing that AC had problem & getting it fixed was 2 hours. Best service ever. Didn’t push to replace whole unit as most companies do. Kenny said he would be there between 7&8pm. Arrived at 7pm, evaluated the problem and changed out the broken capacitor in 15min. Recommend to anyone
Carlos DeleonCarlos Deleon
22:10 23 Aug 23
Kenny and his team were awesome! I called late night and Kenny came over within an hour. I needed a new unit, Kenny was very helpful and informative about the products he would be installing. They were able to install it the very next day! His team went above and beyond and even resolved some of the other issues I had previously had with the HVAC thermostats/zones. The technician took me to the attic and showed me the work he had performed and even explained to me what was causing the problem. He also explained how to maintain the system running correctly. Kenny even registered my new unit for the warranty.I would highly recommend 75 Degree! Honest prices, great company and great people!
Matthew HutchinsonMatthew Hutchinson
22:34 06 Jun 23
Gave us a very reasonable price for full system replacment after ours completely went out. Very prompt and fast. Would recommend to anyone.
Kimberly RamosKimberly Ramos
22:32 06 Jun 23
Couldn't have asked for better service! We ran into an emergency where our AC just stopped working in the summertime. It was a super old system, and it was just time to replace it. Kenny showed up same day I called with a friendly attitude to give us an assessment and an estimate. The price was unbeatable and he was once again immediately available to schedule a crew to knock out the work. He was quick to show me all the new equipment still in their boxes to provide the proof of new and sealed products. His team was super professional and so fast. Within less than four hours, our house was cool again! He also neatly provided all the warranty information and serial numbers afterwards. I cannot stress how much I highly recommend these guys.

Types of Air Conditioners

24 hour AC Repair Houston

Central Air Conditioning

This machine is suitable for cooling a couple of domestic or office building rooms. It generally includes a large compressor outside that drives the process of cooling.

Window Air Conditioner

Designed for single rooms, this unit is established in a window and is a not unusual, compact alternative for small spaces or residences.

Ductless, Mini-Split Air Conditione

These are amazing for homes without ductwork. They have a door compressor and one or more indoor air-coping units.

Portable Air Conditioner

As the name shows, those cellular units can be moved from room to room. They are best for brief area cooling and where window configurations save you the installation of window units.

Hybrid Air Conditioners

These systems combine the functions of a conventional air conditioning system with an environmentally pleasant heat pump. They use renewable strength assets, like sun energy, to lessen electricity consumption

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

This surprisingly green machine uses the earth's consistent underground temperature to help with heating and cooling. It's a sustainable alternative, although the initial installation can be expensive.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

This tremendously green gadget uses the earth's regular underground temperature to assist with heating and cooling. It's a sustainable alternative, although the preliminary installation may be more expensive.

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What's Included

  • Comprehensive System Inspection: Our technicians conduct a thorough examination of your aircon unit, along with tests on the compressor, fan, thermostat, and extraordinary additives to ensure the entirety is functioning effectively.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: We offer deep cleaning of the air filters, coils, and fins, which is crucial for maintaining overall performance and prolonging the life of your unit.
  • Refrigerant Level Check and Recharge: Ensuring the appropriate refrigerant level is vital for the most appropriate performance. We take a look at the ranges and recharge if necessary.
  • Inspection and Cleaning: Our provider inspects and cleans the ductwork and removes any blockages or build-up of dust and particles to ensure efficient airflow.
  • Electrical Connection and Component Check: We look at all electric connections and components for protection and proper functioning, consisting of wiring, capacitors, and relays.
  • Thermostat Calibration: Proper thermostat calibration is crucial for accurate temperature manipulation. We test and modify it as wished for top-rated overall performance.
  • Noise and Vibration Check: Unusual noises or vibrations may be signs and symptoms of issues. Our service includes a check to become aware of and rectify any such issues.
  • Leak Detection and Repair: We inspect for any refrigerant leaks or different issues that would affect the efficiency and safety of your air conditioner.
  • System Efficiency Assessment: Our technicians assess the overall performance of your air conditioning gadget and recommend any enhancements or improvements.
  • Customer Education and Support: We guide you on maintaining your air conditioner and suggestions for enhancing efficiency. Our group is also available for any comply with-up support or questions

Flexible Financing and Comprehensive Warranties for Your Peace of Mind

At 75 Degree AC, we understand that investing in a new air conditioner is a significant decision. That’s why we offer flexible financing options and robust warranties to make the process stress-free and secure

How Much Does Air Conditioning Repair Near You Cost?

The price of air conditioning restoration can vary widely based totally on elements like the kind of AC unit, the volume of the damage, and your vicinity. On average, house owners can count on paying between $100 to $500 for well-known maintenance. Minor fixes, including changing filters or thermostat recalibration, tend to be on the lower quit of this variety. In contrast, greater vast upkeep, along with fixing compressors or refrigerant leaks, may cost extra. Getting a detailed quote from your provider is essential, as charges can vary based on particular needs and nearby marketplace charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Air conditioning units in Houston typically last between 10 to 15 years. The lifespan can be influenced by factors like the type of unit (portable, split, ductless), maintenance frequency, and usage patterns. Regular maintenance can significantly extend the life of your air conditioning system.

The choice between a mini-split and central air conditioning system depends on several factors, including the size of your home, your cooling needs, and installation feasibility. Mini-split systems offer flexibility and are ideal for cooling specific areas, while central air systems are more suitable for providing uniform cooling throughout larger homes.

Yes, at 75 Degree AC, we specialize in a wide range of air conditioners, including ductless, split, portable, and traditional air conditioning systems. We provide both installation and service for all these types of units, catering to a diverse array of customer needs.

We offer comprehensive services for commercial air conditioning systems, including installation, repair, maintenance, and emergency services. Our team is equipped to handle air conditioning systems of various sizes and complexities, ensuring your business space remains comfortable.

Absolutely. We understand that air conditioning issues can be urgent, especially in Houston’s climate. Our emergency services are available 24/7 to ensure that your AC problems are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Yes, our technicians are certified and have extensive training in HVAC services. They are skilled in handling a variety of air conditioning systems, ensuring top-quality service and reliability.

75 Degree AC has been serving the Houston community for 10+ years. Over the years, we have built a reputation for excellence and reliability in air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair services.

Absolutely. We are a licensed and insured company with a long-standing reputation in the Houston area. Our commitment to quality service, customer satisfaction, and technical expertise make us a trusted choice for both residential and commercial air conditioning needs.

The cost of air conditioning services in Houston can vary based on the type of service, the complexity of the job, and the specific type of air conditioning unit or system involved. We offer competitive pricing and transparent quotes to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

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