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You can’t survive Houston’s summer seasons without a powerful HVAC unit. These devices are designed to regulate temperature and they will make your home far more bearable. However, HVAC units are not invincible. Like any machine, they experience wear and tear. It is for that reason that HVAC services like 75 Degree AC have thrived. But if you have never owned an HVAC unit, or if you own one but the devices are completely new to you, you probably have no idea what a company like 75 Degree AC does. What exactly do their technicians have to offer? Well, what 75 Degree AC can do for you and the nature of the HVAC services they can offer will largely depend on your particular need.

Air Conditioning Services

If you have an air conditioner, then you can expect to depend on our technicians for quite a few reasons, namely:

1. AC Repair


Like all machines, AC units have a limited lifespan. You probably rely on them to keep you either warm or cold depending on the season. But given time, they will succumb to the wear and tear that comes from generating either hot or cold air. The worst thing that could happen is for your AC unit to die in the hottest period of the summer. But that is why 75 Degree AC exists. They know what makes AC units tick and they know how to repair them. Their 24 Hour AC Repair service allows you to contact them at any time of the day or night. As such, you can rest assured that you never have to contend with Air conditioning emergencies on your own. So you can contact us for the best AC Repair Services.

3. AC Installation

If you need help installing your new HVAC system, that assistance is also available. The technicians deployed to your home will put your new unit in place and then immediately configure it, making sure that you are ready to go by the time they leave. 75 Degree AC never takes half measures. They will walk with you the whole way.

Air Conditioning Installation Sugar Land

2. AC Replacement

Air conditioning repair is 75 Degree AC’s bread and butter. But sometimes, Air conditioning units are far too damaged to repair. Sometimes, your only option is to replace your AC unit. But even in this arena, you don't have to proceed alone. The technicians will offer you the guidance you need to find a suitable replacement for your lost unit. Even if you’re completely new to AC units, they will help you select a system that best suits your needs.

4. Maintenance

Even though air conditioning repair services are available, you can avoid the costs attached by scheduling regular maintenance. The technicians sent over will optimize your HVAC unit, making sure that it is operating at maximum efficiency. Their regular visits will ensure that you not only expend less energy, hence reducing your utility bills but that your unit lasts much longer. The technicians are also happy to perform routine inspections to ensure that everything is working as expected. Do not ignore this service. It could save you from the extensive costs related to HVAC repair.

Heating Services By US

The people from 75 Degree AC want to make the process of heating your home simple and convenient. For that reason, they have made the following services available:

Heating System Repair Houston TX

1. Furnace Repair

Furnaces are not quite as dangerous as they used to be. But if your furnace starts acting up, you must immediately contact a professional. Our technicians understand furnaces, regardless of whether they are heat pump, gas, electric. And they have the competency required to resolve any emergency situations.

3. Furnace Installation

Furnaces are not like DVD players. You can’t just plug them in and press play. They require a steady hand that understands their components. Fortunately, with one of our technicians on hand, you can just sit back, relax and wait to receive the word that your furnace is in place and fully operational.

Furnace Installation

2. Furnace Replacement

Replacing a furnace takes time. You can’t just select the first model you encounter. You need help finding a machine that is easier to maintain and which also operates efficiently. And only the people at 75 Degree AC can guide you through this process, and that includes making sense of your financial plan with regards to heating.

4. Furnace Maintenance

Like AC units, furnaces require regular maintenance. The technicians assigned will inspect your furnace’s electrical components, confirm calibration of the gas valve, verify proper air flow and clean the gas burner section. With their help, your furnace will remain in prime condition for years to come.


The quality of air inside your home is determined by your ventilation. Many homeowners spend so much time and money on HVAC Repair services but they pay no attention to their ventilation. Poor ventilation and, thus, poor air quality, is a health hazard that can attract a number of ailments related to allergies. Poor ventilation can also encourage the growth of mold and mildew. This is what a trustworthy 24 Hour AC Repair service can do for you:

Ac Repair Houston

1. Evaluation

Professionals in the field will inspect your property to determine the quality of your air. They will find out whether the air in your home is taking a toll on your health. They will also attempt to identify the source of the poor quality of the air.

2. Purifiers

A good purifier or UV light will keep pollen and other allergens out.

3. Ductwork

Your AC’s ducts must be regularly cleaned to remove dust, debris, and bacteria. You need special vacuuming technology to do this job right. Clean ducts generally contribute to the quality of air in your home. Fight the temptation to maintain your own ductwork system. Let the professionals handle it. You are likely to do more harm than good. While you have them, encourage them to inspect your registers and vents. Your entire HVAC unit is a singular organism. All its heating and cooling components work in tandem to regulate the atmosphere of your home. This is why HVAC repairs are so important. It is also the reason why 75 Degree AC matters.

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