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Things to Know About Timbergrove, TX

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Timbergrove, Texas is located in northwest Houston in Harris County. This Texas neighborhood is also called ‘Timbergrove Manor’ or ‘Lazybrook’.

In the 1800s, German farmers settled here. They built a St.John’s German Lutheran Church in 1891. In the 1930s, this area of Timbergrove was the site of an oil discovery called Eureka. There is a railroad near Timbergrove called the Eureka Yard as proof of this.

Timbergrove remained relatively undeveloped after World War II. In the 1950s, residential development began in Timbergrove.

In 2011, Timbergrove was made a Super Neighborhood of Houston. Timbergrove is a unique precinct as its residential properties are deed-restricted. New houses were built here with planning under many townhome developments like Timbergrove Grove, Timbergrove Heights, Timbergrove Point, and Timbergrove Terrace. Home sizes vary from 1000-4000 square feet, with 2 to 5 bedrooms. The houses here are mostly post-War ranch style with prices ranging from $300,000 to $500,000.

Timbergrove is a good place for those wishing to commute. There are many job opportunities for the people of Timbergrove nearby in Downtown Houston, the Galleria, and the Medical Center. Timbergrove is a tiny neighborhood in the heart of Texas with a unique touch. Quietness and serenity enable you to be lazy in Lazybrook. Do visit it.

Neighborhoods of Timbergrove

Timbergrove, Texas is within 610 Loop and lies to the west of Houston Heights. Timbergrove/Lazybrook lies to the north of Memorial Park and Cottage Grove. It lies to the south of Lazybrook and Shady Acres. The ZIP code of Timbergrove is 77008. Timbergrove is a convenient place to live as it is close to Downtown Houston.

There are 2 home communities in Timbergrove, namely the Timbergrove Manor Civic Club (TMCC) and the Timbergrove Manor Neighborhood Association (TMNA). The TMCC handles the homes to the east of the White Oak Bayou while the TMNA handles the homes to the Bayou’s west. Each has its Homeowners Association. Both the groups handle the landscaping of the areas and have instituted a Citizen’s Safety Patrol as well. There are about 1200 homes in this suburb of Timbergrove Manor.

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Directions to Timbergrove,TX

Timbergrove is approximately 7 miles from Houston city. It can be reached in 11 min if you take the I-10 W and the TC Jester Boulevard. It is on the banks of White Oak Bayou. Along with the Lazybrook suburb, Timbergrove forms the Super Neighborhood 14 of Houston, Texas.

Public Transport Nearby Timbergrove

The Lazybrook/Timbergrove region has its fair share of public transport nearby. 18th Street at Seaspray Court, West 18th Street at Millwood Drive, West 18th Street at Mill Creek Drive bus stops are the three main transit stations of Timbergrove.

Places of Interest in Timbergrove, TX

Timbergrove has no dearth of wine-and-dine places. Chimac is the place to go to if you want Korean food. Papparich is where you get true Malay food. Smokey Cheeks is great for Tex-Mex food and Tacos. Hughie’s offers Vietnamese and American. La Lucha is for lip-smacking seafood. The Turkey Leg hut is for Cajun and Creole food.

As for pubs and bars in Timbergrove, you have plenty. Porta Vino is a Mediterranean Wine Bar while T-Bones is a sports pub. Texas Tavern, Lazy Oaks Beer Bar, and the Ivy Bar and Bistro are closeby too.

Timbergrove Attractions

There are many parks and green spaces in Timbergrove like Jaycee Park, Timbergrove Manor Park, Sam Houston Park, and West 11th Street Park. Jaycee Park is more for family and children outings with fun and sports. It has a tennis court, a basketball court, walking trails, a water playground, and a picnic area too. The West 11th street Park is wooded and has many walking and hiking trails. It is ideal for bird and butterfly watching.

Landmarks In Timbergrove

The Houston Independent School District caters to the Timbergrove area, and schools serve as important landmarks. Sinclair and Love Elementary Schools are for little ones while the middle schools are Frank Black and Hamilton. The Reagan School is the International Baccalaureate World School serving this area.

FAQs On Timbergrove

Is there another name for Timbergrove?

Yes. Lazybrook is the other name for Timbergrove. The place is also known as Timbergrove Manor.

How far is Timbergrove from Downtown Houston?

Timbergrove is approximately 10.3 miles (13 minutes) from Downtown Houston.

Why is my AC compressor in Timbergrove leaking?

A clogged condensate drain makes your AC compressor in Timbergrove leak. The compressor coils freeze because restricted airflow makes them get too cold. The melted ice drips into the condensate pan. As the moisture builds up, it causes an overflow of water.

How much does a new AC condenser in Timbergrove cost?

$1,000 to $3,000 is the price range for a new AC condenser unit in Timbergrove.

How often should I replace my HVAC in Timbergrove?

Every 10 to 15 years is how often you should replace your HVAC in Timbergrove. Modern air conditioners are durable, but major components will deteriorate after around ten years.

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