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Our contractors take care of all your residential and commercial HVAC needs. We recommend that you have reliable AC repair, robust heating system installation, and a long-lasting ventilation unit set up for your home or business for long-term savings!

75 Degree AC is a completely mobile HVAC company. We drive our dependable service van to your location in Spring Branch East to assist with the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning requirements of our customers.

More on Spring Branch East, TX

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Spring Branch East is a quaint Houston neighborhood west-northwest of Houston. It is a small suburb of Houston located within Harris County.

In 1830, Karl Kolbe arrived from Gotha Germany to settle down in Spring Branch East. He settled on the banks of a creek that emptied into the Buffalo Bayou. In 1848, the Bauer family donated land to build the St.Peter’s Lutheran church here. Spring Branch was annexed to Houston in 1940-the 50s.

Originally, Spring Branch was a German-American community. Now, there are more descendants of Koreans and Hispanics living here. In the eastern quarter, there are many blue-collar residents in bungalows.

Spring Branch East has a population of about 25,000 and many ranch-style homes. It also has its share of business headquarters like Tesco, Weiner’s, and Appletree. Spring Branch East is a quaint Houston neighborhood with a quiet life and calm setting. Visiting it is sure to put a spring in your step!

Neighborhoods of Spring Branch East

Spring Branch East is governed by the Spring Branch Management district according to the Texas Legislature. It is classified as Super Neighborhood 86 among Houston neighborhoods.

To the north, it has Tanner Road and Hampstead Road. To its south is Interstate 10. the 610 Loop is to its east while Beltway 8 is to its west. Spring Branch East has many subdivisions-Spring Oaks, Pine Terrace, Ridgecrest, Afton Village, Monarch Oaks, Westview Terrace, Craig Woods, Old Spring Branch, and Village of Afton Woods.

The ZIP code of Spring Branch East is 77055. Spring Branch East is the oldest part of the Spring Branch community. It is located between I-10 and I-290. In 2013, Spring Branch was declared one of the “25 Hottest neighborhoods of Houston” by Houstonia.

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Directions to Spring Branch East, TX

Source: “File:99RanchMarketSpringBranchHouston.jpg” by WhisperToMe is marked under CC0 1.0.

Spring Branch East is minutes away from Downtown Houston. It is close to the Galleria, the Heights, and Memorial Park. Spring Branch East is 9.3 miles away from Houston. You can reach it in 11 minutes if you take the I-10W.

Public Transport Nearby Spring Branch East

Spring Branch East has the following transit stations as options for public options:

  • Northwest Transit Center Bus Stop
  • Metropolitan Transit Authority – Northwest Bus Operating Facility Bus Depot
  • Long Point Road @ Antoine Drive Bus Stop
Source: “Pedestrian Bridge over Briar Branch Creek, Pech Rd, Spring Branch, Houston, Texas 1122091150” by Patrick Feller is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Places of Interest in Spring Branch East, TX

Spring Branch East has a fair share of eateries and gastropubs. The Brass Monkey Bar & Grill is great for American food. Taquerias Arandas is for Mexican fare while Dolce Cafe is for French. Visit Connie’s Seafood and Oyster Bar for lobster and shrimps. The Vieng Thai 2000 is for great Asian food. For German treats, head to Rudi Lechner’s and be off to Polonia for a Polish platter. You have the Korea Garden and Seoul Garden in the area for Korean cuisine.

As for pubs, the Spring Branch Bar & Grill is a popular haunt. Then, you also have the Branch. Do not forget the “Might as well Lounge and Boozenasium”.’ Escandalo and El Tropical are the sports bars hereabouts. Diversion Cocktails and Brewingz are places where you can have a great drink.

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Attractions of Spring Branch East

Nice Winery, Agnes Moffitt Park, Haden Park, and Nob Hill Park are some attractions of Spring Branch East.

Landmarks in Spring Branch East

The Consulate-General of El Salvador is a landmark of Spring Branch East.

FAQs On Spring Branch East

How did Spring Branch East get its name?

One day, a stranger stopped by Karl Lolbe’s house to rest his horse. As he walked along the stream, he asked Kolbe its name. When he got to know that the stream had no name, the stranger suggested they call it ‘spring branch’ as it was naturally fed by a spring.

Should I repair or replace my HVAC system in Spring Branch East?

Replace it. If repairing your HVAC system in Spring Branch East will only extend its lifetime by another year or two, HVAC replacement is likely the better choice. The return is typically greater when you invest in an energy-efficient HVAC unit, and replacement almost always saves you more money down the line.

How often should I clean my HVAC system in Spring Branch East?

Air duct cleaning should be performed every 3 to 5 years for HVAC systems in Spring Branch East.

How much will a new HVAC system in Spring Branch East save me?

Most central air conditioning units in Spring Branch East last about 20 years. At 12 years old, your air conditioning unit is passing its mid-life point. Even if your air conditioner is only 10 years old, you may save 20-40 percent of your cooling energy costs by replacing it with a newer, more efficient model.

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