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About Shady Acres, TX

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Shady Acres, TX is a part of Houston in Harris County.

The town of Shady Acres was founded in 1935. It got its name from the shady trees that formed a canopy for the town.

The architecture of the houses in Shady Acres is varied and vivid. Shady Acres has an eclectic mix of multi-unit town-homes and patio-homes. Many houses have 2-car garages. This varied landscape offers a lot of potential for home builders in Shady Acres.

Despite this dense housebuilding in Shady Acres, the median home sale price here is $400,000, lower than that of the Heights $550,000.

Shady Acres is a family and pet friendly neighborhood. There are dog parks, dog-friendly cafes, and restaurants, etc for these pets. The Believe in Dog training School offers agility workshops and puppy classes.

You will encounter creativity galore at Shady Acres. New enterprises like TNT shirt Company have started supplying customized apparel to the community. The Picked Flower Company offers not only bouquets but classes in a floral arrangement.

There is nothing shady about Shady Acres. It is a lively locale in Houston with lots to explore!

Neighborhoods of Shady Acres

Shady Acres, Texas is a neighborhood of Houston. Shady Acres is situated within Harris County. It is a place within the Greater Heights area. To the north of Shady Acres is 610 Loop. TC Jester Boulevard is to its west. Ella boulevard, Shepherd drive, and 20th street run through the Shady Acres precinct.

You have Victorian homes, Italian villas, family homes, duplexes, studio apartments, and condominiums. Some homes are gated communities with controlled access while others are sandwiched in little alleys or cul-de-sacs. The Victorian homes have wide terraces and wrought-iron balconies. Several old cottages and bungalows remain with an old-world charm.

Shady Acres is adjacent to both Timbergrove and Houston Heights. It has easy access to the freeways and is just 5 miles away from Downtown Houston. It is also close to the Galleria and the Medical Center. The ZIP code for Shady Acres, Houston for 77008.

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Directions to Shady Acres, TX

Shady Acres is just 6.7 miles away from Houston. You can reach it in 10 minutes by car via Interstate 45 North. To do so, get on I-45 North. Then, follow I-45 North and I-10 West to Katy Freeway Service Road. After that, take exit 765A from I-10 West. Finally, take T C Jester Boulevard to Bevis Street and you will enter Shady Acres.

Public Transport Nearby Shady Acres

Shady Acres is a relatively small neighborhood and does not have much public transport. For those without a car or motorbike, the best way to travel to and from Shady Acres is by bus. Two bus stops serve as transit stations in Shady Acres:

  • 20th Street @ Beall Street
  • West 20th Street @ West 19th Street

Places of Interest in Shady Acres, TX

For family and casual dining at Shady Acres, go to Cedar Creek Bar & Grill, Crisp, or Hubcap Grill. Pappa Geno’s is the best palace if you want to taste the famous Philly cheesesteak. If you want high-style dining at Shady Acres, go to Bernadine’s or Southern Goods.

The best bars are the Eureka Heights Brewing company, the Boot, or the Big Star Bar. The Shady Acres Saloon is the palace for live music while SPJST Lodge is famous for its bingo nights. Wicklow Heights, Bungalow Heights, and McIntyre’s are the top places to go for exotic cocktails.

Attractions of Shady Acres

The suburb of Shady Acres is ideal for one and all. Three are parks and green spaces for the elderly to stroll. The youth and adventurous will love the biking and hiking trails like the White Oak Bayou Bike and Hike trail that run through Shady Acres. For sports lovers, the parks at Shady Acres have many playgrounds and sports fields. There are cafes and restaurants nearby that the whole family can visit. Bars and pubs are in plenty for night owls as Downtown is close by.

There is greenery everywhere in Shady Acres. The Wright -Bembry Park is a popular spot favored by locals. Timbergrove Park is ideal for sports enthusiasts as it has softball, baseball, and basketball fields.

Shady Acres holds an annual event where food trucks line up and local businesses put up stalls. It is called the White Linen Night and it resonates with the neighborhood spirit of Shady Acres.

Landmarks in Shady Acres

Shady Acres has the landmark of the Live Oaks Meeting House. The house serves as an art center and a Quaker Religious Hall. Every Friday night, a beautiful illuminated display is revealed as the rooftop of this place opens. This depiction called the One Accord is a sight to watch as it reflects the changing colors of the sky with its light displays.

FAQs On Shady Acres

How expensive are 3-bedroom apartments in Shady Acres?

$1851 is the average rent of 3-bedroom apartments in Shady Acres are. $2,655 is the average expense spent by each family in this neighborhood.

What is the current price range for one-bedroom apartments in Shady Acres?

$366 to $4,644 is the current price range for one-bedroom apartments in Shady Acres. $1,468 is the average price for monthly rent.

Does an AC stop leak work in Shady Acres?

It depends. The AC system in Shady Acres must be full of enough refrigerant that the compressor cycles on and off to move the AC stop leak around the system to the leak point.

What is the cost to replace an AC coil in Shady Acres?

$700 – $2700 is the cost to replace an AC coil in Shady Acres. $200 – $1500 is the cost of a new coil could in Shady Acres, depending on size and brand. Installation costs another $500 – $1200.

How long do AC coils last in Shady Acres?

10-15 years is the lifespan of an AC coil in Shady Acres if proper maintenance is regularly performed.

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