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History of Northside Village, TX

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Northside Village, Texas is a neighborhood of Houston. This village is within Harris County. Northside has a population of nearly 60,000.

Northside is one of Houston’s oldest neighborhoods. In the 1880-90s, Germans, Poles, Czechs, and Irish people came to the Near Northside area. They came to work on the Hardy rail yards run by the Southern Pacific Railroad Company. Until 1905, it was part of the Fifth Ward.

Some parts have old Victorian houses with gabled roofs dating back to the 1880s. Fulton and North Main are the main arteries of this area.

Northside Village lies to the north of Downtown Houston and about 49% of the people own their homes here in Northside. It has a dense suburban feel and with a majority of Hispanics and African-Americans living here.

Northside Village is ready to give you some new experiences. Go for it.

Neighborhoods of Northside Village

Northside Village TX is an up and coming neighborhood of Houston. It has seen a lot of gentrification in recent years. The Hardy Yard project plans to convert the old railroad depot yard to an entertainment hub with parks and restaurants. Northside Village is not to be confused with Near Northside, which is a neighborhood of Northside, Houston TX.

Northside Village is one of the top neighborhoods to live in. The best part about the village is the proximity to Downtown Houston a few blocks away. While the village may not be a popular spot for companies to set up shop, there are plenty of job opportunities in Downtown Houston due to nearly 3000 businesses thriving here. It is easy to commute and enjoy the retail, cultural, and entertainment centers that Houston has to offer. Northside Village and Northside roughly share the same area and the ZIP code, 77009.

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Directions to Northside Village, TX

Northside Village is very close to Houston. It is just 4 miles from Houston. You can reach Northside Village in 7 minutes if you take the I-45 North Interstate Highway.

Public Transport Nearby Northside Village

Northside is close to many freeways like Interstate 10 & 45 and 610 Loop. There are several Metro Red Line train stations near Northside Village. There are also plenty of gas stations and access to all urban amenities here.

Places of Interest in Northside Village, TX

Northside Village has many eateries and bars. There are many Mexican eateries like Teotihuacan Cafe and Fiesta del Guadalajara. Poppa Burgers and Red Ox Bar and Grill are bets for American steaks and burgers. Veracruz offers the best seafood.

Coming to pubs, you have Molly’s, Edison & Patton, and Dean’s Downtown. Go to Alice’s Tall Texan for bottles of beer in giant goblets for cheap. The D&T Drive-Inn is great for steak nights and barbecues. Lei Low Bar is for Tiki cocktails while the Raven Tower is for wines and other spirits.

Attractions of Northside Village

Northside Village has to its pride its own festival- the Sabor Del Northside Festival. This is a celebration of the community. Live music and dance performances are on along with great events like salsa-tasting challenges and so on.

Monkey Tails is a hipster-style spot that draws local crowds. White Oak Music Hall is the place to be for a good Indie-rock concert.

Landmarks in Northside Village

The main landmarks in Northside Village are parks. On the northern side of Northside Village is Lindale Park where there are large houses in big lots. Moody, Glendale, and Lindale Parks are the major landmark parks in Northside Village.

FAQs On Northside Village

What are the Cajun restaurants in Northside Village?

The Northside Village locality has many Cajun restaurants like Swamp City, Wings, or the Pier 16 Crawfish.

What is the Northside Village festival?

The Sabor Del Northside Festival is a cultural festival that brings together many artists, businesses, sellers, and vendors.

How is Near Northside related to Northside Village?

Northside Village is sometimes referred to as Near Northside. Both places cover roughly the same area. However, ‘Near Northside’ makes it seem like you are talking about places close to (near) Northside instead of the village.

Can I use my air conditioner in Northside Village for 24 hours?

No. You should not run your air conditioner in Northside Village for 24 hours. Constantly running your unit puts a strain on the air conditioner and wastes a large amount of energy. It will lead to wear and tear along with a high electric bill.

How much does HVAC service in Northside Village cost?

Extended HVAC service contracts in Northside Village range from $150 to $500. However, they include both heating and cooling for the entire HVAC system.

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