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Know About Northside Houston, TX

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Northside is a district of Houston, TX, in the United States. It has an estimated population of 58,831 people. Many families reside in the area to enjoy a suburban lifestyle. Most residents in the neighborhood own their homes.

Northside houses many schools and educational institutions. The people residing in the Houston Independent School District are zoned to two schools, namely- Northside High School and Sam Houston Math, Science and Technology Center (SHMSTC). For the people residing in the Aldine Independent School District, MacArthur High School is the choice. Higher Educational institutions and Universities are also present in the area.

The Northline campus of the Northeast College of Houston Community College is situated in the Northside. In addition to that, the University of Houston-Downton (UHD) is also situated close by.

In addition to education, the area also houses other basic amenities such as a fire station, operated by the Houston fire department, and Casa de Amigos Health Centre run by the Haris County Hospital District.

Bus services form a popular means of public transportation in the Northside. They are operated by the Metropolitan Transit Authority Of Harris County, Texas (METRO).

Neighborhoods of Northside Houston

Northside is composed of many historic neighborhoods. These include The Fifth Ward, The Historic Sixth Ward, Houston Heights, Trinity Gardens, Kashmere Gardens, Near Northside, Acres Homes, Homestead, Greater Inwood, Greenspoint the East Aldine District. The population mainly consists of Hispanic and African-American residents. The Houston Heights neighborhood, however, houses a Caucasian population. The ZIP code of Northside, Houston is 77009.

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Directions to Northside Houston, TX

Source: “Northside Houses, Melbourne St., Houston, Texas 0416111151BW” by Patrick Feller is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Northside is 8.1mi away from Houston. You can reach Northside from Houston in 11 minutes.

Public Transport Nearby Northside Houston

The three main transit stations for Northside Houston are Northline Transit Center, Downtown Transit Center, Kashmere Transit Center.

Places of Interest in Northside Houston, TX

Source: “Elysian Viaduct over Buffalo Bayou, Houston, Texas 0629091721BW” by Patrick Feller is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Dining at The Heights remains an activity of interest. The White Oak Music Hall is also a great place of interest. It hosts various music band performances as well as concerts.

Northside Houston Attractions

Major attractions in the area consist of parks. These include- Little Thicket Park, Dylan Park, Montie Beach Park, Candlelight Park & Community Center, Travis Spark Park, Woodland Park, and Barbara Jordan Park. There is a range of dining and recreational options available, and the area houses many restaurants, including The Waffle Bus, Mico’s Hot Chicken, and more.

Landmarks in Northside Houston

Northside is home to many Public Libraries that are operated by Houston Public Library. The Carnegie Neighborhood Library and the Moody Neighborhood Library also work within the district boundaries. Adjacent to the district, there is also the Dixon Neighborhood Library.

FAQs About Northside Houston

Is Northside, Houston a right area for residence?

The quality of life in the area remains excellent. With all the amenities available, people can enjoy a lavish suburban lifestyle. The site is family-friendly, pet friendly, and has a lot of parks in and around. Most areas are at a walkable distance to grocery stores, and all requirements can be fulfilled quickly. Northside also has many facilities for recreation such as restaurants, night clubs, etc. The people have a sense of community, and neighbors are friendly. Yards are well kept, and streets have sidewalks as well.

Is Northside an expensive area to live in?

Northside area is relatively inexpensive when compared to other metro cities. With the availability of public education, public transportation, and other such amenities, the site is increasingly becoming a popular choice for people to set up their homes.

Is Northside a safe area?

Northside is a relatively safe and comfortable area for residence. The city is secure both during the day and the night. Since it is majorly a family area and the people reside in a community setting, the region’s crime rate remains low.

How do I know if my AC evaporator is leaking?

If the airflow feels weak or doesn’t turn on right away, you might have a refrigerant leak. Other signs include warm air coming through the vents, hissing noises from the outdoor A/C unit, frozen evaporator coils on the outdoor unit, and unpleasant odors when you turn on the heating or cooling system.

Can I replace an evaporator coil myself?

Most people think you have to do this, but you don’t. There is no way to single out the Freon, so you’re good to go! Remember, check evaporator coil prices prior to taking on this project yourself.

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