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75 Degree AC is a completely mobile HVAC company. We drive our dependable service van to your location in Houston Gardens to assist with the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning requirements of our customers.

Know About Houston Gardens, TX

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Houston Gardens, also known as Trinity/Houston Gardens neighborhood, is primarily an African-American community on Houston’s northeastern side. The area was probably developed in the late 1915-20’s as a part of the New Deal program. It was built to give the poor and the landless people a chance to become homeowners. It is now part of the greater Houston area and was attached to it in the 1940s.

According to some prominent urban history scholars, the neighborhood is “rurban,” which means a mixture of urban and rural characteristics. It is evident from the mix of oval plots shaped like pies, and quickly spot it on Houston Gardens’ map.

Trinity/Houston Garden takes its name from two communities, Trinity Gardens and Houston Gardens. They are now part of the greater Houston City Council District B north of the 610 loops.

Railroad tracks trisect the neighborhood, and some inexpensive lands have been converted for industrial use. There are not many concentration or retail stores in the community. The area is inclined to flooding, and the residents struggle each day with floodwater.

Neighborhoods of Houston Gardens

The area shares its borders with the Eastex-Jensen area, Kashmere Gardens, Northeast Settegast, and East Houston. The immediate bordering neighbors are Independence Heights, Sunnyside, Acre homes, and Clinton Heights and other communities share a common boundary with the region bound by their historical congregation. The ZIP code of Houston Gardens is 77028.

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Directions to Houston Gardens, TX

The drive from Houston Gardens to Houston, TX, takes around 11 minutes via I-69. It is located about 8.8 miles from the main Houston center, where the road merges to I-610 W and turns left on to Bagby Street. The drive is easy and convenient for the work commute.

Public Transport Nearby Houston Gardens

Kashmere Transit Center is the nearest station to Houston Gardens. From here, you will easily find buses to travel within the regions and other parts of Texas. There is also a railway head located at Lindale Park Metro Station for a faster commute.

Places of Interest in Houston Gardens, TX

There are many eateries and hotels in the community where you can stay and enjoy fine cuisine. Triple J’s Smokehouse, Asian Café, Mama Ann’s Kitchen are the cool restaurants you can visit here. Tourists or business persons can stay inside Heights House hotel, The Whitehall Houston, Hilton Americas-Houston and enjoy the first-class service that includes an indoor pool, free Wi-Fi, free parking, and many more amenities.

Houston Gardens Attractions

Houston Gardens has several parks and church which dates back to hundred years. You can take a stroll at Trinity Gardens Park, which is named after the neighborhood. Apache St. Park is another expansive park nearby where you can take your family or dog for a walk. Don’t forget to visit the Trinity Garden Church-Christ and McGovern Centennial Gardens with themed gardens, a massive sculpture with a 30 ft. mount.

Landmarks in Houston Gardens

There are three prominent schools in the neighborhood, Ernest McGowen Sr. Elementary School, Key Middle School, and Kashmere High School. Henry Staiti House, located in Sam Houston Park, is a historical building that takes will take you back in time. The historic Kirby Mansion also stands tall as an old building from the 20th century.

FAQs About Houston Gardens

Is the area safe for tourists?

Houston Garden has received an Overall B grade for safety from the people. Nearly 32% of people have marked it as a very safe community and 57% have reported that they can spot police around the area more frequently and are friendly.

Do you need to earn high to live in the area?

The cost of living is pretty much low in Houston Gardens and the median household income is only $31,439.

How is the nightlife in the area?

Houston’s nightlife is not so vibrant to enjoy.

What is a duct silencer?

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What happens if AC is not serviced?

If you will not do the regular aircon servicing then dirt and dust will get deposited in its filters. This deposition of dust and dirt in the filters affects its operation and your air conditioning system will need to invest more effort to do its job.

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