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Greater Inwood TX Information, TX

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In northwest Houston, lies the suburb of Greater Inwood. Greater Inwood TX is in Harris county. Greater Inwood has a population of over 33,000. 52% of them own their homes. The average rent here is $977 and the median home cost is $115,693.

There is an interesting history behind Greater Inwood. This place was part of the Inwood Forest. The forest was the hunting grounds for the Native Americans. In the 1860s, Germans settled in this area along the White Oak Bayou. For nearly 100 years until 1963, the Fuchs owned this area and its surrounding lands. In the same year in 1963, a real estate developer bought this land.

The area was developed for oil company executives during the Houston oil boom. In 1975, Houston city annexed the Inwood Forest area. This area started changing after the 1980s. Greater Inwood is great in its lifestyle and attractions and is worth visiting.

Greater Inwood Neighborhoods

Greater Inwood is managed by 3 civic organizations: the Greater Inwood Partnership (GIP), the Greater Inwood Super Neighborhood Council (GISNC), and the Near Northwest Management District (NWMD). Of this, the Greater Inwood Partnership (GIP) works for non-profit. Its commendable achievement has been to create the Near Northwest Management District, 3 park spaces, and plant 3000 trees.

Greater Inwood is 30 minutes away from Downtown Houston, and the George Bush International Airport. The Texas Medical Center and the Galleria, are also at half-hour’s drive away from it.

Greater Inwood is within easy access to both Houston city and many interstates. It has 6 thoroughfares running through it like Pinemont, Victory, and Tidwell, Antoine, West Little, and West Gulf Bank. The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad cuts across this suburb. The ZIP code of Greater Inwood is 77088.

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Directions to Greater Inwood, TX

Greater Inwood is about 12.9 miles away from Houston. It takes about 20 minutes to drive to Greater Inwood from H-Town by car. I-45 North is the best route to take.

Public Transport Nearby Greater Inwood

Antoine Drive @ Little York Road is a bus stop in Greater Inwood. This bus stop can be used as a transit station to access public transportation to travel in and out of Greater Inwood.

Greater Inwood, TX Places of Interest

The most popular eateries at Greater Inwood are Lazarro’s Pizza, China Doll Restaurant, Brianna’s Restaurant, and antojito’s Mexican Restaurant. The Inwood Bayou Pub, Koozie’s, and the Houston Daiquiri Swamp are the famous pubs in and around Greater Inwood.

Greater Inwood Attractions

At 9 minutes driving distance from Greater Inwood is the Watonga Drive Bridge Bat Colony. This is a popular tourist attraction to watch hundreds of bats fly off into the sunset. You can see at least 100,000 Mexican-tailed bats emerging from under the Watonga Drive Bridge and fly away in unison.

Another unique attraction that you can take a look at near Greater Inwood is the Beer can house. You can reach this landmark in 17 min if you take Bingle Road. The beer can house is built of beer cans, caps, and other beer paraphernalia. John Mikovisch built this art form which now houses other forms of folk art as well. Take a picture of yourself with this unique abode and create a lasting memory of Greater Inwood.

If you are willing to go the extra length, just spend 25 minutes driving from Greater Inwood to Discovery Green. This urban park spans 2 -acres and offers a beautiful setting for Houstonians to throng about. It has some lively attractions like the Mistree, the Gateway Fountain, Monument au Fantome, or the Listening Vessels. Go boating at Kinder Lake or picnicking at Sarofim Lawn.

Greater Inwood Landmarks

A famous landmark near Greater Inwood is the Gerald Hines Waterwall Park. This park is just 10 miles away from Greater Inwood and can be reached in 16 minutes. The Gerald Hines WaterWall Park features a 64-foot semi-circular architectural fountain. The water cascades down its inner and outer walls. The Water Park is surrounded by 186 oak trees and makes a lovely setting.

FAQs On Greater Inwood

Who manages Greater Inwood?

The Greater Inwood Partnership, The Greater Inwood Super Neighborhood Council, and the Near Northwest Management District manage Greater Inwood.

What is the population of Greater Inwood?

The population of Greater Inwood is 33,640.

How do I reduce the airflow in my HVAC in Greater Inwood?

Adjusting supply registers in rooms is the most accessible method of minimizing airflow into one room in greater Inwood.

How do you test a HVAC coil in Greater Inwood?

Remove panels from the furnace or blower cabinet, and use a flashlight to see inside the coil assembly in Greater Inwood.

Is it hard to replace an AC compressor in Greater Inwood?

Replacing the compressor itself is no harder than changing an alternator in Greater Inwood. The problem is the refrigerant. You may need special AC tools to capture the old refrigerant, along with a full system recharge.

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