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History of Greater Heights, TX

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Greater Heights, Houston, TX is a gorgeous suburb of Houston. Greater Heights is also known as ‘The Greater Heights’ and ‘The Heights’. It is a part of Houston Heights, which was the first master-planned municipality in Texas.

The idea behind developing the Greater Heights community was to help entrepreneurs and working-class people to live together in harmony. The location got its name as it is situated at a ‘greater height’ than Houston.

In 1910, Greater Heights was annexed to Houston and its neighboring areas began to develop during that time. The eastern and western sections of Greater Heights developed between 1920-1950.

Greater Heights is now a bustling area with a population of around 40,000.

Greater Heights is revamping the homes in its locality. The need for housing has led to the formation of dense housing communities or the renovation of old homes. This signals the opening up of new investments in the Greater Heights area. Greater Heights is great if you want to get the true Houston feel. Try visiting it. Attain greater heights by taking a trip to Greater Heights!

Neighborhoods of Greater Heights

The suburb of Greater Heights is called the Super Neighborhood #15 of Houston. The Greater Heights suburb lies at the center of the largest locality in Houston called the Houston Heights. Greater Heights is located inside 610 Loop and is in north-eastern Houston. It has Interstate 610 to the north and Interstate 10 to its south. It has I-45 to the east and the White Oak Bayou is to its west. Greater Heights belongs to the Council Districts C and H.

Greater Heights is close to the major Houston areas of Downtown and The Galleria, making it popular for Houston real estate. The homes here are in demand as the suburb is proximal to both Downtown Houston and the freeways. Most people, (61%) own homes here. The median rent of $1305 is much higher than the national average. The ZIP code of Greater Heights, Houston Texas is 77008.

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Directions to Greater Heights, TX

This Greater Heights locality is just 4.7 miles away from Houston. If you leave Houston and take the Interstate 10 West freeway and Yale Street, you can reach the Greater Heights suburb in 8 minutes.

Public Transport Nearby Greater Heights

Greater Heights is fairly easy to reach due to the abundance of public transport to and from the region. 5 transit centers in and around Greater Heights are:

  • Veterans Memorial Drive @ North Shepherd Drive Bus Stop
  • Heights Blvd @ E 14th Street Bus Stop
  • Northline Transit Center/HCC Train Station
  • Hermann Park/Rice U Light Rail Station
  • Fannin South Light Rail Station

Places of Interest in Greater Heights, TX

Greater Heights is a great residential area with old Victorian and Vintage homes. It is a dense suburb with leafy avenues and vintage homes. It has all the urban amenities like gas stations, schools, and hospitals. It has small quirky shops as well as big-brand stores.

Greater Heights has plenty of eat-outs and restaurants. Pinkerton Barbecue and Good dog Houston can serve you good American steaks and fries. Go to Superica for Mexican or Postino for Italian. Try the Down House or the Liberty Kitchen and Oyster Bar if you want drinks with your food.

Attractions of Greater Heights

About 5 minutes from Greater Heights is the Art Car Museum. Also called the Garage Mahal, this place is a unique private museum of contemporary art depicted on cars. Here the museum showcases remolded stock cars, elaborate art cars, lowriders, and exquisitely-designed collector’s car models.

From Greater Heights, it just takes 9 min to reach the Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens. There are sprawling gardens with the names Butterfly, Clio, Carla, Diana, East, Euterpe, White. The Bayou Bend collection is in a mansion with 28-period room settings with 4700 objects dating back from the 1620s to the 1870s. The collection and gardens belonged to the Hogg family and are now featured in the National Register of Historic Places.

Landmarks in Greater Heights

Greater Heights is a very family-friendly suburb. There are plenty of parks and green spaces here, which double as landmarks. Love Park, Stude Park, Lawrence Park, and Milroy Park are some of the parks to name a few. They have many walking and biking paths to help you take healthy strolls and jogs.

FAQs On Greater Heights

How much does it cost to buy a home in Greater Heights?

The cost of buying a home in Greater Heights would work out to $456,407 that is roughly 3-4 times more than the national average.

Why is it called Greater Heights?

The neighborhood of Greater Heights is called as such because its elevation is at a greater height than Houston.

Can I replace just the AC coil in Greater Heights?

Yes. In some instances, it is possible to replace only the coil in Greater Heights. There is the evaporator coil or inside coil, and then there is an outside coil or the condenser coil. They are separate components but work together to regulate the temperature in your home. Often, replacing the AC is much more cost-effective for several reasons.

Can a leaking AC compressor in Greater Heights be repaired?

Yes. If leaks are detected in your AC compressor in Greater Heights, professionals can perform minor repairs and recharge the compressor.

Is it worth replacing the evaporator coil in Greater Heights?

It depends on the age of your AC. Air conditioners last anywhere from 10 to 12 years. If your AC in Greater Heights is at least 8 years old, replacing just the evaporator coil is not worth the money. If your AC unit is under 8 years old, then you can replace the coil.

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