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Our contractors take care of all your residential and commercial HVAC needs. We recommend that you have reliable AC repair, robust heating system installation, and a long-lasting ventilation unit set up for your home or business for long-term savings!

75 Degree AC is a completely mobile HVAC company. We drive our dependable service van to your location in Forrest Lake to assist with the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning requirements of our customers.

Know About Forrest Lake, TX

Forrest Lake is one of the most popular communities of Northwest Houston, Texas (USA). The well-established community is trendy among the home seekers. The Townhome is a community of 243 houses. Many buyers searching for homes in the Houston area find Forrest Lake a very suitable location. Placed inside the boundaries of the Greater Inwood Area, it is among the best-known localities. The neighborhood has a distinct identity of itself. The area first developed in 1976, has significantly developed into a trendy neighborhood. The total area is 22 acres. The lake near the center of the Townhome is one of the main attractions. Though initially developed as one of the townhomes near Houston, Forrest Lake is more like a neighborhood. Irby Simkins created the area.

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The place is named after Mr. Forrest, who owned a dairy farm in the region. The lake in the center of the community is also very famous, so together it was named Forrest Lake. Originally the lake at the center was not as significant; it originally served as a farm tank. It was later developed into a lake. The landscape around the lake truly deserves mention. The entire area is filled with greenery; it is a paradise for people who love nature and want to live in peace, away from the city’s hustle-bustle. Many people who find quaint living as their favorite way of living will find Forrest Lake as a perfect location.¬†
The neighborhood is well-planned and has all the modern amenities for joyous living within close boundaries.

Neighborhoods of Forrest Lake

The entire area of Forrest Lake is an integrated neighborhood. The Oak Forest is the most famous neighborhood of Lake Forrest Townhomes. The ZIP code of Forrest Lake, Houston, TX is 77092 and the area codes are 281, 713, and 832.

Landmarks in Forrest Lake

The Great Forest is one of the famous landmarks of the Forrest Lake areas. The lake is another famous landmark of the Forrest Lake area.

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Directions to Forrest Lake, TX

Forrest Lake is 15 mins (12.6 mi) via-10 W from Houston. You can also reach Forrest Lake from Houston in 20 mins via I-45N and E Tidewell Rd and 20 mins (12.9 mi) via I-45 N and I-610 W.

Public Transport Nearby Forrest Lake

The three major transit stations for Forrest Lake, Houston are W Tidwell [email protected] Lumberdale Rd. The Antoine [email protected] Houston Rosslyn Rd and the Antoine Dr @Pinemont Dr bus station.

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Places of Interest in Forrest Lake, TX

Some of the places of interest around Forrest Lake are Garden Oaks and Oaks Forest, the Forest Lake Club, etc.

Forrest Lake Attractions

Forrest Lake has close access to Galleria, Willow Brook Mall, Memorial City, and Downtown. The Pinemont Park and Ride are also very close to Forrest Lake. It is less than a mile away. So, if you are interested in shopping, dining, and having a merry time, Forrest Lake is a great location. The Lake Houston Wilderness Park is one of the best-known attractions near Forrest Lake Houston.

75 Degree AC Repair - AC Repair in Forrest Lake - Places of Interest in Forrest Lake
FAQs About Forrest Lake

Forest Lake is primarily famous for its brilliant location. Next comes the full list of amenities. The third is the quaint living; together, it is perfect for those searching for single houses near Houston. The property prices in this part of Houston are rising, so if you search for homes, Forrest Lake could be an apt choice if you search for homes.

There are several public schools at Forrest Lake, Houston. Aldine Independent School Districts operate them. Students can avail primary and secondary education at public schools in Houston.

The townhomes in Forrest Lake Houston are averagely priced. They are perfect for buyers or people looking for properties on rent. The single homes and the peaceful locality serve as ideal family homes. The cost of living is also moderate as compared to other parts of Houston.

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The ZIP code of Forrest Lake, Houston, TX is 77092 and the area codes are 281, 713, and 832.

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