Residential Heater Services

Exceptional Heater Repair & Replacement

Having issues with your heater or think you might need a new one? At 75 Degree AC, we are experts in heater repairs and replacement. We believe that you should never endure a winter day stuck inside in the cold. You deserve to feel warm and cozy at all times. That is why you should call us at 713-598-2737 for the best heater repairs in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas.

Signs That Your Heater Is Not Working Properly

your comfort

Your Comfort Is Our Top Priority

If you are suspecting that your heater system might be broken or inefficient, our technicians will come inspect your system as fast as possible to determine what is wrong with your system and how it can be fixed, or if it should be replaced. We believe that you should never be left in the cold, which is why you should call us at 713-598-2737 the moment you suspect that something isn’t right with your heater system. Heater systems can give off subtle signs that your system isn’t working efficiently. For example, if you listen closely, you will tell that it is making bizarre sounds it didn’t use to make. The moment this happens, you want to bring in heater system professionals such as our team here at 75 Degree AC. We will be able to determine what needs to be fixed before the situation gets worse and you will be forced to spend a lot more. Don’t forget that work includes a one year warranty on parts and labor. Whether you need a heater repair or replacement in Houston, TX, we’re the ones who will bring back your comfort the fastest, at the best price! Call us at 713-598-2737!

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