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The average furnace has several dozen components most of which are prone to failure. And the harder you push an AC Unit in the heat of summer in Houston, the higher the chances that it will malfunction. This can’t be helped. Machines cannot avoid wear and tear, and 75 Degree AC is more than happy to provide whatever HVAC Repairs you might require. But you need to understand that AC Repairs are not inevitable. Yes, all machines eventually wear out. But AC repairs do not have to become a frequent expenditure, not if you make an effort to appropriately maintain your HVAC unit.

Why Proper HVAC Maintenance is So Important?  

75 Degree AC performs a number of tasks ranging from HVAC installation to Air Conditioning Repair. But maintenance is probably their most important undertaking.  Air conditioning repairs are necessary but they can also prove to be quite costly, especially if they happen frequently. For that reason, you are better off avoiding them.  And proper maintenance will do just that. In fact, maintenance will accomplish a number of objectives, with the most prominent including:

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1). Bills

roper HVAC maintenance will minimize your utility bills. If your utility bills are out of control, then something either went wrong with the air conditioning installation process or your HVAC Unit is running inefficiently.   Now 75 Degree AC would never botch a furnace installation or HVAC Installation job. So if you want to sufficiently regulate the temperature in your home whilst also minimizing your utility bills, then inject some more time and effort into the maintenance process.  In many cases, maintenance is far easier than AC repair. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

2). Air Quality

HVAC systems are not only responsible for warming and cooling your home but they are also expected to control the quality of the air. And if you fail to properly maintain your HVAC unit, if the filters and the coils are dirty, your family’s health will suffer.  In fact, do not be too surprised if the inhabitants of your home begin to struggle under the weight of allergic reactions and their related ailments. Rather than investing in expensive humidifiers and other unnecessary gadgets, just maintain your HVAC unit. And if you can’t do it yourself, get a professional. 24 hour AC repair services exist for this very purpose.  There is no need to expose your loved ones to mold and mildew and dirt.

3). Durability

Whenever you invest in a furnace installation or an air conditioning installation, your hope is that your HVAC unit will last a very long time. You have no patience for replacements, repairs, and reinstallations down the line.  But replacements are exactly what you can expect to encounter if you fail to properly maintain your HVAC unit. It takes a lot of electrical and mechanical work to warm and cool a home. And the only way to prevent the individual parts of your HVAC unit from wearing out is to maintain them on a regular basis. The best HVAC units can last a decade if not longer.  There is nothing the HVAC services of 75 Degrees AC can do to increase the longevity of your unit if you refuse to invest in proper maintenance.

4). Efficiency

A well-maintained HVAC Unit tends to operate efficiently. It will expend less energy to warm or cool your home. That, in turn, will reduce the rate at which its components will wear out whilst also positively affecting your utility bills.

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5). Safety  

When 75 Degree AC installed your furnace, they probably informed you that your unit was associated with a number of hazards. Hopefully, you took their warnings to heart because they are all true.  Older furnaces, in particular, have been known to produce dangerous gases which, if not vented properly, can adversely affect your health. This is why you should always keep a trustworthy 24 hour AC Repair service on call because you never know when such emergency situations might develop.  However, rather than spending sleepless nights wondering when your furnace might explode, just get a 75 Degree AC technician to maintain your HVAC Unit. The only homeowners that worry about carbon dioxide poisoning are the ones whose furnaces go unmaintained for long periods. How to Maintain Your HVAC Unit?  The HVAC Technicians at 75 Degree AC are irreplaceable.

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However, you do not always require professional assistance to maintain your HVAC unit.  Sometimes, maintenance doesn’t require comprehensive disassembly and analysis of your HVAC. If you have the time and passion, there are some basic actions you could take to maintain your own unit. They include the following:  

1). The Filter  

Start by investigating the air filter. A clogged air filter will drastically impact the efficiency of your unit because it negatively affects air flow. Sometimes, unclogging and cleaning the filter will solve the problem.  Other times, you might have to replace the filter. A professional would encourage you to replace your HVAC unit’s filter frequently. This will eliminate a litany of complications in the long run.

2). The Thermostat

A lot of people think their HVAC units are malfunctioning when, in truth, they have simply failed to properly configure their thermostats. For that reason, you need to pay close attention whenever you think your HVAC unit is misbehaving.   Talk to a technician to identify the best configurations that will allow your unit to run efficiently. The key is to make sure that your unit is producing the right amount of warm or cold air for the season. Don’t push your HVAC unit harder than is necessary. It will wear out quickly regardless of the maintenance you perform.  

3). The Obstructions  

Look for elements that might be blocking the filter and the vents. Ice is a common culprit. It is dangerous for an HVAC unit to operate with obstructions in the vents. So clear them out if you find any.  If they are lodged in difficult corners and crevices, get help from a 75 Degree AC technician. Fight the temptation to take your HVAC unit apart. Leave the complicated work to the professionals,

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