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4 Reasons to Choose Professional AC Installation Over DIY

Why should you choose professional air conditioning installation or 24 hour AC Repair over doing it yourself? Here are 4 reasons why you need to go with the pros even if you can change your own air filters and fix your own leaky ducts.

Air Conditioning Installation

The Terms of Your Warranty

It shouldn’t be a dirty little secret hidden in the fine print. Most warranties require the item to be installed by a licensed, certified professional. For example, your new hot water heater has to be installed by a licensed and trained plumber to be covered by the warranty that comes with the new item. The same is true for your replacement air conditioner. Do the work yourself, and that ten years manufacturer’s warranty is null and void. The same would be true if you tried to repair the compressor yourself.
Furthermore, if you have a home warranty plan, the work must be done by a licensed professional if you want the warranty to cover the air compressor leaking refrigerant or the electrical glitch in the control board. If your existing air conditioner needs to be replaced, the home warranty won’t reimburse you if you do it yourself. They’ll only pay for the parts and labor if a licensed professional HVAC installer does the work. They do this because they know that the air conditioning installation will is more likely to be done right by a professional who does it day in and day out.

The Peace of Mind It Provides

Have you ever installed a new faucet or shower head? Did it ever leak? Now consider the fact that a new AC system or 24 hour AC Repair costs thousands of dollars. If you have it installed by a professional, they are obligated to fix the leaks caused by a poor connection to your ductwork. They should have a warranty for poor workmanship. You will not have to pay for someone to fix your mistakes, and they’ll have to pay to correct their own mistakes. A professional could rectify problems caused by a concrete pad smaller than the unit you bought or solve drainage issues. The average do-it-yourselfer cannot. There are other reasons to hire a professional AC installer like 75 Degree AC. We can provide advice on how to improve the airflow through your home, maximizing the benefits of that air conditioner. We can teach you how to maintain the AC from replacing filters to cleaning the outside of the unit. Let us give you advice on how often to change the air filters and what type to buy to maintain indoor air quality. That will improve the energy efficiency of the unit. You also know that the end result will be safe.
Most of us recognize this when we choose an experienced, qualified professional to install a gas furnace. Carbon monoxide leaks are life-threatening. Your AC will not leak carbon monoxide, but incorrect installation can affect the air flow through your home. For example, you could end up with a badly installed AC suffering from poor drainage. Clogged drainage vents allow mold to grow in the AC unit; then your home smells like mildew. Badly installed air filters or clogged air intakes leave your home stuffy or filled with outside debris, depending on the circumstances. Have the work done right the first time by an HVAC professional. You’ll sleep better at night.

Air Conditioning Installation Cypress TX

The Convenience

It is surprising how many people fail to consider the value of their time when tackling a DIY project. They think they are saving money by doing the work themselves. In reality, they’re ignoring the value of their time when they learn how to lay carpet, install tile or figure out how to wire up an air conditioner properly. Nearly all of them lack the tools to do it correctly, and that’s a waste of money because almost no one of us intend on doing this more than once or twice in our lives. If they install the air conditioner and error messages appear, they will spend several more hours researching and testing solutions a professional would be able to diagnose in moments. Only a professional is going to be able to troubleshoot error messages caused by a split AC system not talking to your smart thermostat or home automation system. Why spend days trying to get the AC to work right when a professional can set it up to work seamlessly and correctly the first time? A side benefit of hiring professionals like 75 Degree AC for an air conditioner installation is that we can give you expert advice on selecting the right equipment and getting the most out of it. We could identify leaks in the air ducts or even repair minor issues while we’re right there. We can fix issues with the furnace or thermostat while they are there. Or we’ll tell you when you’re buying an AC that is undersized for your home.

The Overall Value

Why should you ask a professional air conditioner installer to assess your situation rather than calling an HVAC tech? An HVAC repair tech may make money on the upsell. Unscrupulous AC repair services may do the minimum to get the air conditioner running again knowing that it will fail again soon. Then they tell you that the unit is at the end of its life, let me sell you the cheapest unit they have in stock. The repair tech may be able to install it, but this isn’t their expertise. The dirty little secret they won’t tell you is that the units they’ll recommend are the cheapest in stock, and they generally have the lowest energy efficiency rating of anything in stock. For comparison, the professional air conditioner installer is going to do the best job they can, and that’s installing the AC you selected as the best overall value. A side benefit of hiring 24 hour AC Repair or professional HVAC installer is that you may get an affordable service agreement out of the deal. Perhaps they give you a year of free maintenance as part of the purchase and installation package. Or we come in for a free checkup in three months as a thank you for paying them to do the air conditioning installation. Summary Regardless of how much the new or replacement air conditioner costs, you can’t afford to go the DIY route. Hire an experienced, qualified HVAC installer to put in your new AC.

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