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Furnace Heater Installation

If you’re a Texas resident looking for comprehensive furnace installation services, 75 degree AC can help! When properly cared for, a furnace should last anywhere from 15 to 20 years—so most homeowners don’t deal with furnace installations often. However, if you’ve purchased a home with an older furnace, you may find that the replacement task falls on your shoulders.

With help from 75 degree AC, you don’t have to choose or install a new furnace alone; we’ll start from the very beginning with a free estimate and evaluation to help you make decisions. Then our certified HVAC team can safely install a gas or electric furnace and return each year to make sure your investment lasts for decades to come.

At 75 degree AC, we’re concerned for your safety before we think about profits or products. That’s why we typically encourage homeowners to invest in an electric or gas furnace, as we believe both of these options are an improved choice over old oil-based heating systems.