A Homeowner’s Quick Guide to Their HVAC System

A Homeowner’s Quick Guide to Their HVAC System

Having the basic knowledge of how your HVAC system works can help you to know the appropriate maintenance techniques to adopt or which type of HVAC contractor houston TX to hire. That way, your HVAC system will last longer. Thus, if you want your HVAC system to serve you well and stand the test of time, there are some things you should know.

Things You Should Know About HVAC

  • The largest part of your HVAC system is the home’s furnace. It can be found in the basement. If your home doesn’t have a basement, it will be kept in the closet off the kitchen or bathroom. 
  • Unlike an electric furnace, a gas furnace can heat the room using propane or natural oil to keep the flame burning. The flame can be seen behind the small front window.
  • Some homes use a forced-air system. It is a system that takes hot or cold hair, depending on what you want, and pushes it through metal ducts. These metal ducts are strategically installed throughout the home. So, if you are feeling hot and you need your home to be cool, the system will force in cold air. On the other hand, if what you want is hot air to warm your home, the system will push hot air into your home. 
  • If you are using forced air systems, air will be forced into your home through the ducts with the aid of blowers. Thus, if your blower is damaged, your HVAC won’t function again. So, you will either be required to repair it or get a new HVAC system. 
  • There’s a heat exchanger in the furnace. The function of the heat exchanger is to heat the air that comes in from the combustion chamber. 
  • There’s an evaporating coil in the furnace containing a refrigerant. The refrigerant helps in cooling down air when the thermostat is adjusted to a lower temperature. 
  • Refrigerant tubes are running between the central AC and the furnace. The tubes help to convey the refrigerant to and from the central air unit and the furnace. 
  • There’s usually a condensing unit situated outside the home. This condensing unit will be filled with refrigerant gas. Once the refrigerant is cooled, it’ll be pumped to the evaporator coil. There, it will be converted back to gas. 

How Will You Know If Your HVAC is Gas Or Electric?

If you want to know whether your HVAC is gas or electric, you should put on the thermostat. Once this is done, you should check the unit itself. If you hear a slight whooshing sound in the units, your HVAC is gas-powered. Electric furnace, on the other hand, doesn’t make whooshing sounds. 

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