Mini Splits

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Repair or Install Mini Split AC

Control airflow, temperature, and cooling at the touch of a button with professional mini split installation, an eco-friendly air conditioning solution. 75 Degree AC’s mini split services include:

  • Free Estimates for Mini Split Repair & Installation
  • Parts & Labor Warranties
  • Licensed & Certified HVAC Technicians
  • 10+ Years HVAC Experience in the Houston metro area
AC Mini Splits

Mini Splits Save Houston Residents Money

Mini splits are ductless air conditioning systems. These sleek, compact units install practically anywhere inside your home with ceiling or wall-mounted units and have two main components: an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor air-compression and handling unit. They’re smaller in size and provide homeowners with more affordable options when it comes to at-home air conditioning performance.

Mini splits are perfect for keeping specific areas of your interior cool and comfortable, among other benefits!

  • Produce consistent temperatures while using minimal electricity
  • Accessible and flexible for interior installation
  • Easy to clean and perform general maintenance duties
  • Filtration systems to help improve indoor air quality
  • Reduces your overall carbon footprint
  • Fast and simple installation process

Texas Mini Split Repair & Installation

Affordable, efficient, and accommodating – mini splits have quickly become a more reliable air conditioning solution trend throughout the greater Houston metro! Ready to reap the benefits of a ductless mini split air conditioning system? Contact 75 Degree AC online today to get started on a free estimate for installation, or give us a call now at 713-598-2737.