Air Conditioning Installation

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Reliable AC Installation for Houston, TX

Dependable air conditioning performance requires professional air conditioning installation. With temperatures reaching or exceeding 90 °F on an average of 106.5 days per year in Houston, air conditioning is a must. At 75 Degree AC, our licensed HVAC contractors can quickly and efficiently install a new or used AC system into your Houston home so you can relish that cold, comforting air right away! Our air conditioning installation services always include:

  • 10+ Years of AC Installation Experience in Houston
  • Free Estimates for Air Conditioning
  • 10-Year Warranty on Manufacturer Limited Parts
  • 24/7 Emergency Air Conditioning Repair
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Get Cool, Refreshing AC at Your Home or Business

Our primary objective is to match your cooling needs with a system that will consistently deliver. Our team of licensed and certified HVAC technicians takes the time to customize your air conditioning installation to the architecture and layout of your home, as well as your personal preferences.

After a detailed inspection, your technician will recommend solutions, providing you with a vast array of AC installation services:

  • Central air conditioning systems
  • Mini-split or ductless air conditioning units
  • Swamp or evaporative coolers
  • Geothermal air conditioning systems
  • Wall or window unit air conditioners

When you need fast, efficient, and dependable air conditioning installation services, contact 75 Degree AC!

Our AC Installation Process

We approach every installation project differently, prioritizing which brands and models will work best in your home and within your budget. After finding the right AC solutions for your needs, it’s time to get to work right away. Click to learn more about our air conditioning installation process!

Model Matching

We’ll review our recommendations for air conditioners we feel will work best within your home and budget, as well as remove any previous AC equipment that needs replacing.

75 Degree AC chooses the most energy-efficient location around your house to serve as the most effective area for installing your new AC system.


Next, we prepare the environment for sufficient installation by securing a concrete or composite pad to place the new unit. Our technicians level out the surface to better absorb any vibrations or shaking from the machine.

Internal Inventory

Once the location is prepped and set, every component of the air conditioning system is carefully installed, from the evaporator coils and fan motor to the condensate drain, filters, and refrigerant fluid.

Cleanup & Test Run

When all the parts are professionally installed, we clean up the area and perform a test run to ensure everything is working properly. Finally, the cool, refreshing air is all yours to enjoy!

Contact 75 Degree AC for Houston Air Conditioning

You won’t know how good you have it until that first rush of cool air breezes past your face on a humid Houston summer day. When you need reliable and accommodating air conditioning installation services, contact 75 Degree AC to get started on a free estimate, or give us a call at 713-598-2737 to schedule an appointment now.