Bought the new air conditioner unit recently? Then you certainly are looking for the best affordability offers for your AC installation in Houston. We know choosing to spend thousands of dollars on purchasing a new HVAC in Houston is an expensive chore.

But what makes it even more perplexing and more tedious is choosing the right installation service providers to get the best cooling effect in the scorching summer heat.

We at 75DegreeAC offer the most affordable AC installation services in Houston. Our skilled and expert service contractors are the best in saving your money and avoiding unexpected surprise charges.

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Houston’s Most Reliable AC Installation Company At Your Service

Yes, 75DegreeAC provides you the extraordinary service and the best treatment for your AC.

What makes us the most reliable AC installation company?

Well, there are several reasons our existing clients might list, but we would just give you a small introduction to our reliability.

  • We hire only experts and certified service contractors to do the installation of your air conditioners.
  • Our experts can do the perfect placement of your AC keeping in mind the area that needs to be cooled by the AC.
  • Not only do we install the AC but our team of experts will meticulously work on not disturbing the aesthetic balance of your rooms.
  • The certified experts will guide you throughout the installation process and will certainly avoid the extra unnecessary expenditures.
  • We care for you and your money! 75DegreeAC experts will also answer your queries regarding the aftercare of the air conditioner.
  • Last but not least we are experienced and we know it better than others.75DegreeAC  services are prompt and available to help you always.

No Surprises, Fixed Price And Top-Quality Air Conditioner Installation From Experts

75DegreeAC believes in giving a fixed price for the installation of AC. We don’t present any unwelcomed surprises to you when it comes to extra charges or hidden service costs. 75DegreeAC is a completely client-centered service provider. We deliver top-notch AC installation services to all of our valued clients.

Why 75 Degree AC is the Most Recommended AC installation Company in Houston?

75Degree is the most recommended air conditioner installation company in Houston because of our expertise in the field of AC installation services. Our team is the best trained and on-the-spot problem solver. Our outstanding service by our experts makes us the chosen one always.

Our AC Installation Process

Our installation process although a tedious one but mainly comprises these few steps
  • AC installation area selection.
  • Fix the mounting plate.
  • Mounting of the indoor part of the AC unit.
  • Fixing the brackets.
  • Mounting of the outdoor part of the unit.
  • Connecting the wires.
  • Finally connecting the copper pipes.

No More Worries! You Are Hiring The Most Trusted Ac Installation Service Providers In Houston For The Best Service Experience

How much time does it take to install the AC?

Answer: AC installation takes 4-8 hours on average. Even if the old unit has to be replaced and a new one is to be installed it normally doesn’t take more than a day normally.

How much does it cost to install the AC in Houston Texas?

Answer: On average, the cost for AC installation in Houston Texas ranges between $3100-$7500.

Are there any hidden costs?

Answer: If you choose 75DegreeAC there are absolutely no hidden charges applied. Instead, our skilled service-providing experts will help you in knowing the cost break up efficiently.

Can you install AC yourself?

Answer: Yes, you can install your own AC. It involves a lot of process and expertise to mount both indoor and outdoor parts of the unit it may be risky and tedious. In certain countries AC installation by yourself is not allowed as per law, the law allows only certified installers to install the air conditioner.

Kindly check with the law and the risk involved before choosing to do it yourself.

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