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Benefits of a Heating Pump for Your Texas Home
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Benefits of a Heating Pump for Your Texas Home

Living in the Houston area calls for brutally hot and humid summers. However, this area experiences quite chilly weather in the winter months.

Out of the many heating services you can install, a heat pump is a great option to keep your Texas home warm during the cold weather, and here’s why!

Lower Heating Costs

Other heating services for your home create heat which comes at the cost of expending energy. The more other heating systems work, the more energy they consume, thus causing a spike in your heating bill.

However, heat pumps use around 50% less energy than traditional heating services such as furnaces or boilers, according to The reason behind this is heat pumps simply transfer heat instead of creating it.

Heat pumps extract warm air outside and circulate it through your home. Additionally, heat pumps can extract warm air from beneath the Earth, offering an extra source of warmth without using too much electricity.

Heat Pumps Can Cool Your Home Too

As the name suggests, heat pumps provide warmth to your home during the chilly winter months. However, heat pumps can perform double duty in the summer by cooling your home as well.

Heat pumps cool your home down almost the same way it warms it. A heat pump in the summer works kind of like an air conditioner by extracting the warm air and humidity inside your home and shooting that undesirable summer back out into the elements.

When the cold weather hits, heat pumps will work their hardest to extract all the hot air the season has to offer as well as warmth from the Earth. The colder it gets, the harder a heat pump will have to work to keep your home cozy, but Texas’ mild winters shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for it.

Affordable Replacement

Since a heat pump can work effectively in the summer and winter, you can consider saving on maintenance costs and space by replacing your AC and furnace with it. The cost of replacing an AC and a furnace is anywhere between $5,000 to over $20,000.

Installing a single heat pump can cost you anywhere between $5,000 to $16,000. However, once a heat pump is installed, you will have both heating and cooling for your home while saving hundreds of dollars per year on maintenance.

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