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Why You Should Consider Getting an Air Quality Test
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Why You Should Consider Getting an Air Quality Test

Living in the Houston, Texas area, you know what it’s like to have barely breathable air during the hot and humid summer months. Daily forecasts can let you know what kind of air quality the day is going to bring, but there’s no such forecaster for your home.

Indoor air quality is an often overlooked part of your family’s overall health. Some may think indoor air quality only has to do with the cool comfort of your air conditioning or the cozy warmth of your furnace, but it’s much more than that.

Here’s why you should consider getting an air quality test in your home.

Dust and Allergens

Allergies can be torture for someone depending on the severity. Allergens kick up all around outside, especially in the summertime. These harmful allergens will make their way into your home and settle on every surface, waiting to be kicked up again.

All the dust and allergens circulating in your home can have a great effect on your lungs over time. Getting an air quality test will help you determine what kind of allergens are kicking around your home.

This will help a certified professional determine which air filtration system to combat the allergy-ridden air.


As you may know, radon is an odorless and colorless gas that can cause lung cancer if exposed over a period of time. According to the EPA, one in every 15 homes can find amounts of radon within its walls. Given that information, there’s a chance you may have radon in your home.

An indoor air quality test can determine if there’s radon present in your home, and at what volume. If you find a dangerous amount of radon, now you have time to take proper action before it negatively affects the health of your household.


Asbestos was once the most effective part of the insulation. Many homes built before the 1980s had asbestos within their insulation. Unfortunately, asbestos can greatly increase your risk of lung cancer, hence why it was not used in houses after 1980.

If you’re purchasing an older home, you may want to get an indoor quality test to determine the amount of asbestos in the insulation if any at all, allowing you to safely replace the insulation before your family moves into the home.

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