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5 Energy Saving Tips for Your HVAC Unit
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5 Energy Saving Tips for Your HVAC Unit

Your HVAC unit does its job when it comes to keeping the air at your house at the optimal temperature for you and your family. As much of a good investment as they are, they can cost you big bucks if not properly maintained.

Here are five tips to save energy with your HVAC units!

1. Change Air Filters

Your air conditioning unit moves a lot of air in and out of your home. With all this air comes dust, and it can cause several problems. However, that’s why air filters exist! Air filters will catch and collect the dust and debris running through your HVAC units, but only for so long.

Change your air filters regularly to keep your system running properly.

2. Improve Insulation

Insulation plays a key role in maintaining the great air quality in your home. Insulation keeps warm air out and the cold air in the summer and vice versa in the wintertime.

To make sure your heating system saves energy, insulating the attic should be a priority as warm air tends to rise to the top of homes.

3. Perform Maintenance

Just like any other old machine, your HVAC systems need maintenance too! Even if they seem to be working fine, it’s best to have your furnace and AC inspected and maintained at least once or twice a year.

4. Make Use of Blinds

Blinds don’t just increase your privacy, they can also help keep your air conditioning unit running efficiently! Blinds keep out the unforgiving sun of a Houston area summer day, and doing so reflects the light and heat away from your home

5. Use Fans for Circulation

Fans are pivotal in keeping proper airflow in your home. Their constant rotation keeps the current of air moving, preventing stagnation. Fans are even of good use in tandem with your heating systems as they will even out the balance of warm air in some spaces of your home.

Call on 75 Degree AC for Your HVAC Needs

Sometimes, to keep your HVAC system running efficiently, it ultimately needs to be replaced. This is a big cost upfront but, if installed properly, you will have an efficient HVAC system saving you money down the road.

To get the best deal for AC and furnace installation or repair, Call on 75 Degree AC! We offer financing so you can get your HVAC system running now while paying later.

Receive a fast, free estimate online or give us a call at 713-598-2737 today!

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