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What Filters Are Best for Your HVAC System?
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What Filters Are Best for Your HVAC System?

Most homeowners often forget about their house’s HVAC filters. Usually hidden in the depths of your basement, filters have a substantial effect on air quality in your home.

Having the right filter for your HVAC system helps it run smoother and longer while keeping pollen, dust, and other potentially dangerous particles out of the air you breathe.

Let’s take a look at some of the best filters for your HVAC system.

Quick Note

The reference to the MERV scale is a way to score individual filters on the highest efficiency rating for filtering which is on a scale of 1-20.

Air Filters on a Budget

Disposable Fiberglass

Fiberglass filters are best for renters who have not permanently settled in one home. These filters collect larger dust and lint particles from getting into either your furnace or air conditioning system, helping them run more efficiently.

However, they do not do a great job of collecting allergens and smaller particles. At an average price of $1-$2 per filter, these types of filters have a range of 1-4 on the MERV scale.

Disposable Pleated

Made from polyester, cotton, or paper, a disposable pleated furnace filter is a step up from fiberglass with just a small hike in price. These filters catch more than just dust and lint – they grab onto allergens and dust mites.

Pleated filters have a MERV rating around 6-8 but must be changed frequently. With only a $5-$15 price tag, it may be worth the extra dollars for better air quality.

Air Filters for a Busy Home

Whether you have pets, children, or smoke, these next filters will suit your needs.


Coming in both disposable and reusable, electrostatic filters use static electricity to attract particles as they travel through the filter layers. Sitting anywhere from 8-10 on the MERV scale, these filters are great for a busy home with plenty of traffic.

The $40 and up base price can get costly, but it’s well worth it.

MERV Scale Drawbacks

Note: when looking at the MERV scale of 1-20, the highest score isn’t always the best fit for your situation.

Higher MERV scale filters are mainly used for use in hospitals or labs. They are excellent at catching harmful materials at the cost of HVAC systems running harder with the restricted airflow.

The perfect MERV scale area for residential family homes sits at about 8-12.

75 Degree AC is Here to Help

If you are still unsure which filter is best for you, 75 Degree AC is here to give you honest feedback!

Schedule a free quote online for any of your HVAC needs, or give us a call at 713-598-2737.

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