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What to do if Your Heat Pump Freezes Over
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What to do if Your Heat Pump Freezes Over

As last winter showed us, it can get quite cold here in Texas. Luckily, our homes are equipped with heating systems to keep us warm and comfortable during the cold months. However, if you have a heat pump, you may have a problem with it freezing over.

Here’s what to do if your heat pump freezes!

How Does a Heat Pump Freeze Over?

To find the solution, we must first look at why heat pumps freeze over. When a heat pump generates heat for your home, the cold air outside can come in contact with the output, causing condensation buildup on the outdoor coils. This condensation buildup will begin to freeze in cold weather.

Heat pumps do have a way to stop frost building on their coils in the form of a defrost cycle. A heat pump system comes equipped with sensors that trigger a defrost function when the temperature of the unit drops far enough.

If a heat pump isn’t able to properly run a defrost cycle, that’s when the problems occur. The main culprit of your heat pump freezing over is low refrigerant levels in your unit. Additionally, your air filter may need to be changed to promote better airflow to your heat pump.

What to do if Your Heat Pump Freezes Over

When you believe your heat pump is frozen over, first check the HVAC system’s air filters. Air filters should be checked once a month and replaced at least every three months regardless of the current temperature. Better airflow to your HVAC systems may help your heat pump defrost better.

Another reason for your heat pump freezing over may lie within the blower’s fan blades. Build-up can occur in your unit causing the blowers to jam. You can clean out your unit to assure your blower fans are running debris-free.

If clearing out debris near the blower fan doesn’t prove useful, your heat pump may have a motor malfunction. This is a bit more complicated procedure than the previous one, so it’s best to contact a trusted HVAC tech to take a look at the blower motor as well as the refrigerant levels.

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