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Should You Cover Your AC in Cold Weather?
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Should You Cover Your AC in Cold Weather?

Fall is in full effect for the Houston metro area! Leaves are beginning to fall as well as the temperature. With more of a temperate climate in the fall and winter, you probably won’t need your air conditioning unit until March or April.

However, when you come to think about your air conditioning unit sitting all winter, you grow concerned just leaving it out in the open for elements to wreak havoc on it. You’ve heard of covering your AC, but aren’t sure if that’s really the best idea or not.

If you are trying to weigh in whether or not you should cover your AC this winter, you’ve come to the right place!

Benefits of Covering Your Air Conditioning

Covering your AC will protect it from the elements over the winter. Your air conditioning coils will keep clean whilst covered in the cold weather, allowing smooth operation when warmth comes back.

When your AC unit is covered through the fall and winter, it can help prevent debris like yard waste, leaves, sticks, and other small branches from falling in the vents of your AC unit.

When precipitation falls during cold weather, moisture is susceptible to freezing. If rain falls on a cold winter day and it drops below freezing overnight, it can do serious damage to your AC coils. Covering your AC unit helps prevent freezing precipitation from damaging its components!

Drawbacks of Covering Your AC

With benefits always comes a number of drawbacks when covering your AC in cold weather. Moisture may become trapped within the covering causing a high-humidity environment which will lead to rust and corrosion of your AC’s components.

Air conditioning units specialize in airflow and air quality. When AC’s are covered, it can block proper ventilation during the cold months which can lead to mold growth, which will severely damage parts of your AC.

During the cold weather, rodents and other small animals need to find adequate shelter to protect them from the chill. A covered AC might provide the perfect environment for a family of squirrels or mice to call home. And as you know, they like to chew on anything they can get their hands on!

Contact 75 Degree AC for Air Conditioning Maintenance

Whether you decide to cover your AC this winter or not, you will need maintenance on it eventually. When your air conditioning requires maintenance or replacement, call on 75 Degree AC!

Contact us online or give us a call at 713-598-2737 to schedule service today!

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